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Johannesburg, 07 Nov 2017
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For years, businesses in South Africa and globally have emphasised the need to fill the gap which exists between its customers and services. This gap has been increasing with the advent of social media applications which created a new sphere of interaction for customers to interact with companies.

However, as important as this new realm of communication is companies have been unable to harness this to create a better relationship between themselves and their customers.

With the increasing need in the industry for this connection Azuka, who specialises in data analytics and omnichannel communication, has been developing Smartz Chat. For the last two years Azuka has been developing software which focuses not only on improving current interactions for customers, but also makes future interactions more attractive.

The features of Smartz Chat - a world first to have real-time interactive communication on multiple media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Webchat, e-mail and 2-Way SMS - targets areas which are currently causing businesses unnecessary stress and hindering their customer's experience. Smartz Chat is aimed to enhance a customer's experience, perfect the omnichannel experience and create a real-time, cloud-based service that will immediately help a company.

Research has shown that interacting with customers on a platform that they have not chosen significantly decreases your chance of engaging with them. The easiest way to circumvent this is to interact with a customer on their terms and the methods/platform they prefer and feel most comfortable using. Smartz Chat has identified the importance of perfecting this relationship.

Azuka was born out of 25 years' worth of passion and experience in both the business (retail, financial, telecoms) and contact centre world therefore the solutions that the Smartz product range provide look at the number of areas where businesses "feel pain".

Smartz Chat combines with Smartz Connect Suite to perfect the omni channel experience in a complete Contact Centre Solution. Smartz Chat API (application programming interface), opens all the functionality of Smartz Chat to your Smartphone Apps and/or your Client applications to enhance your client service.

"We are not offering products, we are offering solutions. Through Smartz Product Suite we will be able to sit with you and build - keeping you at the forefront of your industry!" - James Guthrie, Managing Director Azuka

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