PC Soft software development products (IDE + AML) version 18 has just been released

Johannesburg, 24 May 2013
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PC Soft has released the next version of its groundbreaking suite of software development products (IDE + AML).

Using the PC Soft AML products gives you all the tools you need for design, development, mock-up, documentation, 5GL RAD, release, tune-up, testing, translation, distribution and maintenance on software projects.

The WinDev products are the only suite of products currently in the market that allow companies to cut costs while catering for the exploding amount of computing and presentation platforms available, by compiling shared source code to different native application formats.

From one codebase, a developer can build native applications for Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Windows CE, and also compile code to Win32, Win64, .Net, Java, PHP and xCode, to name a few.

This new version brings new features to your teams that will make them even more efficient in a constantly evolving world.

New controls, improvements, NFC, support for Windows 8 and its new interface are all part of the 918 new features found in version 18.

The user of an application developed in WinDev benefits automatically from features (the AAF) such as:

* Reports and queries editor, exporting to Word, Excel or OpenOffice, creating PDFs, sending e-mails, resizable windows, 3D graphs, calculations, etc, all this with 0 lines of code from the developer.

* Creating high quality UIs is easy, with several example templates included.

* Open to 4GL and 3GL allows the possibility to re-use code in Java, C, C++, C#, VB, Pascal, Cobol, Fortran and .Net assembly classes, as well as open to external DLLs.

* Open to all databases: AS/400, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Access, Progress, Sybase, xBase, ODBC, etc.

* HyperFileSQL database (client/server, local and mobile) included, free with distribution on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

* Native SAP R/3 access, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Google, Salesforce, etc.

* Self-training in one week and free technical support with no royalties on distribution.

* Total power with access to all the features that Windows, Internet and mobiles can offer.

Rapid development, letting you deliver within schedule. WinDev also offers "Real RAD" technology, rapid application development, which lets you create a mock-up or a first version of the application within minutes, which you can then change.

Information and downloads are available on or

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PC Soft

PC Soft was started in 1984 and specialises in the design of professional development tools for Internet, Intranet, Windows, Linux, Unix, Android, Windows Phone, iOS.

PC Soft has been following its vision of making high-technology tools available to a wide population.

PC Soft's first bestseller was a screen generator called HI SCREEN (10 000 copies sold in the US). On the strength of the experience gained from this tool, which sold tens of thousands of copies the worldwide, PC Soft then created WinDev, a Windows-based computer aided software environment (IDE & ALM suite), which is the most complete, the easiest to use.

Over 120 000 professional developers have already adopted WinDev and millions of applications made using WinDev are currently being used worldwide by companies like Porsche, Shell, Clarins, John Deere, Ferrero, etc.

Riebens Systems

Riebens Systems is an internationally renowned company and much sought after for bespoke Clarion, WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile software products and professional Web applications and provides business and computer-related services to companies in the IT, agricultural, financial and logistic environments.

Riebens Systems is the southern African distributor of the WinDev products and also provides IT consulting and training on Clarion and WinDev products. (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Lesotho)

With PC Soft's 25 years track record of delivering usable software development tools, we feel confident in promoting and supporting the products as a solution to current and future development efforts in southern Africa.

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