Webroot works with Custum-Cut to launch new security solution in the African market

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Webroot, a leader in delivering Internet security as a service, today announced it has signed a partnership agreement with Custum-Cut IT Solutions, based in South Africa, to provide superior security solutions to the African market.

Owen Francis, national sales and marketing manager at Custum-Cut, said: "With Webroot's cloud-based solutions, we can offer our customers a first-class security solution, which is at the cutting edge of technology, to provide absolute performance and protection."

Justin Endres, vice-president of Worldwide Enterprise Sales at Webroot, said: "We are excited to be working with Custum-Cut to bring our award-winning solution to customers across Africa. Their reach across the region and commitment to education are critical to changing what customers should expect from their security solutions."

The security landscape has changed and traditional signature-based software can't keep up. A recent study of IT decision-makers found an overwhelming 95% experienced an endpoint-based attack last year [1,2]. Frustrated by traditional security solutions that consistently fail to protect them and require too much time and resources to adequately maintain, many IT managers have resorted to allocating budget for cleaning up the aftermath of attacks.

"Beneficially, next-generation security products do come to market that poke at the status quo and present genuine alternatives. Webroot SecureAnywhere Business - Endpoint Protection is one of those products," wrote Michael Suby, Stratecast vice-president of Research at Frost & Sullivan, in a recent analysis entitled "Building a Better Mousetrap in Anti-Malware." [1]

Webroot revolutionised endpoint security with the introduction of Webroot SecureAnywhere Business - Endpoint Protection. Webroot's unique cloud-based architecture takes the misery out of security by delivering the fastest, lightest, easiest to manage, and most effective endpoint protection available [3]. IT managers no longer have to waste resources and lose user productivity due to intrusive scans and continuous signature updating, patching and re-imaging.

Webroot is first to use the power of the cloud to provide superior protection, unmatched manageability and unparalleled performance.

Superior protection:

* Behaviour-based threat analysis: Eliminates the need for traditional signatures, minimises the window of vulnerability.
* Webroot Intelligence Network: A cloud-based infrastructure that delivers a faster response to new threats than ever before. Once a threat is detected, every endpoint on the network is protected.
* Offline protection: Includes protection for machines when they're offline, whether inside or outside the corporate firewall.
* Journalling and roll-back: Proactively monitors any change made to an endpoint by a malicious file and rolls the system back to the safe state, eliminating the need for re-imaging machines.
* Cloud-based firewall: Augments the Microsoft Windows firewall; protects against "phone home" attacks and ensures only policy-approved applications communicate with the network.
* Identity and Privacy Shield: Hardens the OS and browser to prevent loss of intellectual property through hijacks, keyloggers and screen-scrapers.

Unparalleled performance:

* Fast installation: With a client that is less than 700KB, Webroot SecureAnywhere - Endpoint Protection installs in less than six seconds - 42 times faster than the average competitor [4].
* Low impact on memory: It uses 12MB of memory during initial scan, which is less than 10% of the memory needed by the traditional security tool [5].
* Thorough and efficient scans: Its system scan, which searches the system for rootkits and complex threats, takes less than two minutes on average [6].
* Scans without disruption: Scans run virtually invisibly in the background so users can continue to use their computers without disruption. IT administrators no longer need to deal with users who turn scans off to avoid them. Administrators at organisations that have implemented Webroot SecureAnywhere - Endpoint Protection report their users immediately noticed a significant difference in productivity.

Unmatched manageability:

* Centralised endpoint management console: Ideal for dispersed organisations. Administrators can remotely execute commands such as scanning, killing untrusted processes, rebooting, or running a script, on any endpoint.
* Centralised policy control: Remotely set application and Web usage policies at the individual, group or company-wide level.
* System cleaner: Gives IT an alternative to re-imaging as a first response.
* Remote deployment tool: Easily installs the product across every endpoint on the network. Typical installation time is less than six seconds.
* Won't conflict with other security solutions: No need to uninstall existing security products to trial or deploy it. Can be used standalone or as a second layer of protection.

Webroot SecureAnywhere - Endpoint Protection, the product documentation and support are all immediately available.

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Webroot is committed to taking the misery out of Internet security with its suite of Webroot SecureAnywhere offerings for consumers and businesses. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Colorado, Webroot is the largest privately held security organisation based in the United States. Webroot has operations across North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information, visit or call 800 772 9383. Read the Webroot Threat Blog: Follow Webroot on Twitter:


Custum-Cut was established in 2007 in response to a market requirement for tailor-made finance solutions for technology products. The ever-changing world of information technology made it very difficult for the traditional banking sector profile products to meet market requirements. Custum-Cut's commitment to customer satisfaction has resulted in strong growth in a challenging economic climate.

Its offering has grown over time and is focused in the following niche areas: Customised technology finance; technology security; (Webroot End Point protection); Unitrends (disaster recovery and back up) and telecommunications.

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