WP Rugby tackles IT issues head-on with Evolv Networks

Cape Town, 06 Oct 2016
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WP Rugby isn't only about rugby. What happens behind the scenes to keep this powerful organisation functioning and running at full tilt has much to do with its support structure.

One of these support structures is the back-office IT support, which keeps the scrum together in this challenging IT environment. From the payroll systems to the backup procedures, WP Rugby needed a partner that would have its back, no matter the challenge.

And this is where the partnership between Western Province Rugby and Evolv Networks started. For the past two years, Evolv Networks has partnered with WP Rugby to supply it with the back-office support it needs to keep its organisation performing like a fine-tuned rugby player.

Running from three different sites in the Western Cape: the Stellenbosch Academy, the Bellville High Performance Centre and the Newlands Admin Office, WP Rugby needed to know the partner it hooked up with would be able to ensure all its important data and daily functionality was secure and easily accessible.

"I am very pleased with Evolv Networks' involvement with WP Rugby. They have excellent technical knowledge and their support services are phenomenal. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone," says Marchant van der Merwe, WP Rugby Group IT Manager.

From the extensive cloud backup systems to the upgrades necessary for many software packages, Evolv Networks has set up a strategic and simple structure. This carefully formulated structure ensures downtime is limited and work carries on as per normal, even when a crisis outage occurs.

"It is an absolute pleasure to support WP Rugby and to see how dynamic they are in terms of technology adoption. The migrations to Office 365 and other cloud solutions have been instrumental in keeping costs low and service availability at a maximum. We looked forward to many more years as partners," says Gerhard Conradie, Evolv Networks Managing Director.

Evolv Networks

Evolv Networks was founded in 2005 with the goal of supplying superior IT consulting and support services to small and medium-size companies. Equipped with industry-leading technical skills, Evolv Networks has remained committed to this strategy. Evolv Networks strives to better understand its customers, and through this, it is able to align technology with their business needs and processes.

As an IT service partner, Evolv Networks also knows that technology never stands still, and through its own evolution, it has brought value-adding technologies to its customers. Through careful maturity testing and entrenching new technology in its environment, it ensures the solutions it supplies are business-ready. This methodology comes from deep technical roots in ensuring that solutions are tried and tested.

As experts in the design, deployment and support of IT infrastructure, Evolv Networks continues finding innovative ways to use technology to solve the business challenges of its customers.


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