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Features13 Jun

With multicloud, beware the misconfiguration gap

Ensuring security within multiclouds is more complex than simply adopting more security tools.


Navigating the multicloud maze

The days of single public cloud deployments are numbered. Nowadays, best practice suggests using the most suitable environment for each application, making multicloud the de facto infrastructure standard.

Features16 May

Cybercrime in the AI era

With GenAI-enhanced phishing emails, socially-engineered deepfakes and automated malware, cybercriminals are also a part of the AI revolution.

FeaturesMay 9, 2024

Coding in the cloud

Software development in a cloud world is a little bit like stepping away from a snowball fight.

Cloud ComputingApr 22, 2024

Can good EX drive better CX?

The connection between key talent retention and acquisition and call analytics.

FeaturesApr 11, 2024

Shall we play a game?

What does it take to turn an organisation’s biggest cybersecurity vulnerability, its employees, into an engaged, proactive human firewall?

FeaturesApr 4, 2024

Cloud adoption in an AI world

Synthesis Software Technologies' Spagnoletti describes the shift he is seeing as local cloud adoption matures, and value goes beyond cost and scalability.

FeaturesMar 14, 2024

How secure is your network?

Discover the crucial tactics for fortifying your business against cyber threats.

CXMar 12, 2024

Unlocking the power of chat commerce

Chat commerce enables businesses to interact with customers, provide customer support and facilitate transactions using a messaging platform.

TechForumMar 11, 2024

How to navigate Africa's messaging landscape

Whether it's part of your marketing strategy or for financial institutions that rely on OTPs, SMS is here to stay, says Stefan van Jaarsveld, product manager for messaging at Cellfind.

FeaturesMar 6, 2024

The cold reality of cloud migration

The biggest barrier to cloud adoption is not the technology.

TelecomsFeb 27, 2024

Unlocking access, online engagement in Namibia

Reverse billing has the potential to reshape the online experience, driving engagement in Namibia's dynamic digital ecosystem, says Cellfind.