James Francis
James Francis
ITWeb contributor

James Francis is ITWeb contributor.

Want industry 4.0 manufacturing? Start with structure


If you want to optimise operations, you need to follow the guidance of operations people, says Lance Zikalala, MD at nCoded Solutions.

The future of skills depends on company boards

We aren't developing technology-savvy leaders or technology skills nearly as fast and broadly as we require, says Gary de Menezes, Country General Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at Micro Focus.

5G: Why is this a game changer?

The next iteration of mobile connectivity, 5G, is on its way. But this will be more than just a step up in speed. 5G will change how the world communicates and what we communicate with.

Cloud ERP: making the cultural leap

Modern cloud platforms, such as cloud ERP, bring the best while leaving behind the worst, says Bernard Ford, CEO of One Channel.

Want good security? Follow the user

21 Jun

It's time to stop keeping the workforce at arm's length and instead treat them as critical parts of the system, says Christo van Staden, regional manager for sub-Saharan Africa at Forcepoint.

CYOD: users choose, IT wins

20 Jun

With the choose your own device system, the company procures the devices, but the employees have a say in what they prefer to work with, says Clayton Campbell, director of the Onsite Group.

The data culture priority

Jun 13, 2018

Finding common ground between risk analysis and data culture.

It's time for SA's businesses to change

Jun 11, 2018

Companies must start looking at solution providers with end-to-end propositions, says Gary De Menezes, country GM for sub-Saharan Africa at Micro Focus.

Say hello to digital era ERP

Post-modern ERP means connected devices, people, software and machines, supported by tech like AI and IOT, says Bernard Ford, CEO of One Channel.

Bridge the business/IT divide with low code

May 24, 2018

Business and IT are the same thing: it's a phrase we have all heard often, and yet there remains this divide between the two concepts.

Take control of processes to master digital

May 24, 2018

Modern BPM systems integrate with existing company services, and can cut down on training and improve response times, says FlowCentric Technologies.

Ensuring your BI project succeeds

Why is Business Intelligence so difficult to implement? It's not the technology that's to blame, it's business ownership and accountability.