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5G will help create a greener world

5G is more than just fast and fat broadband. It’s the start of a world with greener mobile networks.


Meeting the demands of the B2B market

Once overwhelmingly based on volume and long-term projects, the B2B market has recognised the rising prominence of services and customer-centricity, says Rory Twort, Managing Executive of Sales at Axiz.


Solar is losing its newcomer status

The local solar market has matured and stabilised over the past decade, says Axiz.


Don’t panic: The upsides of COVID-19

In this perilous time, there are still positives, among them social media and digital connectivity helping control panic and misinformation, and a renewed awareness of the value of community.


Hardware-only is dead (but long live hardware)

Today's hardware lets customers use their choices better as it's a more project-driven space, and hardware solutions are often looked at during complex problem-solving, says Bridgette Kemp, Business Unit Manager at Axiz.


What is a value-added distributor?

VADs provide products, stock inventory, operate their own warehouse, supply credit to resellers, and have sales teams trained in offering value on each vendor’s products, says Elmien Du Toit, COO of Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa.


Securing everything – even the cloud

If you want to secure everything, create a single view that encompasses them all, and integrate your systems so security follows your assets.


Building the future with hyper-converged platforms

Hyper-converged infrastructure takes the pain out of creating cloud-ready infrastructure; now hyper-converged platforms are commoditising that power to the broader market, says Neil Jackson, Software Business Unit Manager: Advanced Technologies at Axiz.

Mar 2, 2020

The fall and rise of endpoint security

Modern endpoint solutions include application lockdown, behavioural monitoring, Web protection and data loss prevention.


Proof of value - what exactly is DevOps?

DevOps, a portmanteau of Developer and Operations, prepares organisations to embrace and manage change quickly, but still in a governance-standardised way, says Muggie van Staden, CEO of Obsidian.


Monitoring is hurting your business. Here's how to fix it

Use a MaaS provider to get the base working and then move up the stack to look at more business-centric performance, says Ken Dolbey, Research and Technical Lead at Sourcing SA.

Feb 26, 2020

Beyond flickering lights – what is composable infrastructure?

Composable infrastructure enables the consumer to reconfigure workload resources, through a software-defined intelligence, to whatever resources they require at the time.

James Francis
ITWeb contributor

James Francis is ITWeb contributor.