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Beyond the grudge: Making compliance a business enabler

Software can link compliance together into a tool for business, not just a way to stay within the rules and regulations, says Gerhard Hartman, Sage Africa and Middle East VP for medium business.


Choosing the best backup, recovery fit in the COVID era

As COVID-19 adds more pressure onto backup systems, a clear strategy and knowledge of data assets are not requirements anyone can afford to ignore.


The irreplaceable value of a single source of truth

A single source of truth combines multiple types of data to make better decisions, says Gerhard Hartman, Sage Africa and Middle East’s VP for medium business


Reinventing the channel: COVID-19 and beyond

The channel demands a new approach, consisting of training and enablement, professional services, SaaS and cross-vendor solutions.


Productivity under COVID-19

Half of the employees represented in a survey commissioned by Sage say they have never been asked about what would make them more productive.

May 29, 2020

You need a remote work strategy. Here’s how to create one

Remote working has significant benefits, yet those only really come to fruition if it’s applied in the context of the business, says Daniel Jacobs, senior business development manager for VMware at Axiz.

May 29, 2020

It’s time to move beyond tech’s big bang attitude

The tech sector should focus more attention on the attitudes today that unintentionally keep people and businesses on the wrong side of the digital divide, says Richard Firth, CEO of MIP Holdings.


Data is a criminal’s worst nightmare

Police services and security clusters should use data analytics to help provide insights on crime trends.


How to approach remote-working security

Security is made worse by increasing complexity, and the sudden need to work from home has made things very complex, says Khipu Networks country manager Gareth Trollip.


How monitoring creates business value

By collecting and presenting monitoring findings, companies can see the cause and effect of their technology on their operations and strategy.


Want to harness DevOps? Look beyond the technology conversation

In a DevOps culture, micro-management is replaced by a trust in the team’s capabilities and focusing on the processes that support them.

Apr 28, 2020

Digital transformation can start anywhere

Digital transformation can be taking a simple concept and automating it, says Sage.

James Francis
ITWeb contributor

James Francis is ITWeb contributor.