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Preparing for the next level of hybrid work

As companies get to grips with remote working, what progress have they made? And where do they focus their attention?


Enterprise content management enables a seamless business process

Enterprise content management allows for workflows to continue and to transact better and faster, says Randy Moche, sales manager at ELO Digital Office Africa.


What is a data fabric?

The core of the data fabric architecture is a data management platform that enables the full breadth of integrated data management capabilities, says IBM's Bhavesh Bhana.


Not all IT field services can handle Africa

Dropping in field support does not work in Africa. Support needs to extend from the ground up.


Taming the edge with wireless WAN technology

Wireless WAN solutions, especially those focused on enabling the edge, are the ticket to the type of networks we need today and tomorrow, says Axiz CTO Jacques Malherbe.

Sep 13, 2021

Meet XDR, one security platform to manage them all

Extended detection and response represents a new level and significant consolidation of security capabilities.


Why senior managers should care about user experience

Companies that pay attention to user experience will have less staff turnover and find it easier to attract better talent, says Cor Winkler Prins, CEO of 4me.

Sep 2, 2021

Employee amplification: Social strategy for austere times (and beyond)

Employee amplification leverages employees' personal social media networks to promote their workplaces and brands.


Worried about cloud lock-in?

An abstraction layer between your environment and the provider effectively puts the lock-in ball in your court, choosing to be more rigid about the abstraction technologies.

Aug 27, 2021

Fighting back against credential theft

Criminals are after the keys – credentials – and zero trust is how companies can ensure that those stop working if they fall into the wrong hands.


Five tips for securely deploying printers in hybrid, remote workplaces

Whether in the office or at home, printers channel a lot of sensitive data.

Aug 24, 2021

Balancing security, agility, productivity with the right storage for hybrid cloud

Choosing the right storage for hybrid cloud can tackle security risks and growing pains.

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