James Francis
James Francis
ITWeb contributor

James Francis is ITWeb contributor.

ERP and eCommerce: The power duo

The ERP and eCommerce are not distantly related business areas. Their effective combination provides the edge in today's commercial landscape.

2018's risk opportunities for CIOs, IT managers

Driving digital modernisation is tough and needs supporters. In 2018, that support can come from an unlikely source: risk managers.

WiFi can accelerate business... if done right

Wireless networks can have a poor reputation than they often deserve, which can impact relationships with customers. But this doesn't have to be the case.

Want to harness data? Upgrade your ERP

ERPs are crucial to sustain growth in a business. But not all of them are capable of handling the data requirements of today - and that can hurt a business.

Technology and education: why outsourcing IT makes sense

Mar 16, 2018

Schools of any size and sector can enjoy the benefits of IT just as companies do: without the cost burden, management headaches or legacy.

Change your security culture

Mar 16, 2018

Paying for a business technology service is convenient and amazing. But it should be your catalyst for new security, not your destination.

Unlock the differentiating power of APS

Are you getting the most out of your manufacturing process? Not if you aren't using an advanced planning system. But engaging such a solution is not just a matter of buying it...

How WiFi analytics is changing business

Feb 9, 2018

WiFi is no longer just a free perk. It's a source of strategic intelligence.

Program or be programmed

Teaching robotics to South Africa's learners.

How can we respond to growing cyber risk?

Feb 8, 2018

The risks of the digital landscape was a key topic for attendees at the recent Risk Frontiers - East Africa Conference, held in Kenya's capital Nairobi, says thryve.

Business WiFi without the headaches

Jan 17, 2018

Modern router technology is making it easy to enjoy powerful, reliable, seamless, secure and affordable WiFi, no matter the size of the business, says Peter Chang, country product manager at ASUS.

It's a rough start to 2018

Jan 9, 2018

Meltdown and Spectre - two errors found in CPUs - are scary flaws. How impacted are you and I?