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6GHz spectrum a hot topic of discussion at Duxbury sponsored WAPA event

Johannesburg, 13 Mar 2024
Teresa Huysamen, Wireless Business Unit Manager at Duxbury Networking.
Teresa Huysamen, Wireless Business Unit Manager at Duxbury Networking.

One of the key takeaways from the recent Wireless Access Provider’s Association (WAPA) Gauteng Regional event in Krugersdorp was that wireless internet service providers (WISPs) need to expand the use case for WiFi and identify new opportunities to unlock business growth. Duxbury Networking, a leading South African networking solutions distributor, was one of the speakers and sponsors of the event.

Even though the upper 6GHz spectrum will not be opened in the country any time soon, WISPs can use the lower 6GHz spectrum for indoor use. This brings with it several opportunities for WISPS in markets they have not traditionally been involved in. For instance, they can tap into opportunities in smart homes and cities, as well as industrial internet of things (IOT) applications, offering connectivity for devices such as smart thermostats, security cameras and sensor networks, among others.

At the event, WAPA indicated that, following discussions with the regulator ICASA, the lower 6GHz spectrum will be opened for outdoor use soon. In turn, this can strengthen the point-to-point and point-to-multipoint value proposition of WISPs.

“The event was well attended. Not only did it provide excellent networking opportunities, but it also highlighted some of the technologies that WISPs can use to benefit from the likes of WiFi 6E. This combines increased spectrum availability, higher throughput, improved multi-user performance, better reliability in crowded environments, enhanced security and reduced latency,” says Teresa Huysamen, Wireless Business Unit Manager at Duxbury Networking. “As a key technology distributor, Duxbury provides the local market with access to powerful Cambium Network solutions that capitalise on WiFi 6E to empower WISPs to provide high throughput internet last-mile access to business and home subscribers in urban, suburban and rural environments. But more than that, WiFi 6E provides a platform for WISPs to unlock other opportunities in WiFi that they might not have been able to consider before.”

WISPs can leverage the improved performance that WiFi 6E brings to deliver premium services such as high-definition video streaming, gaming and virtual reality experiences. Furthermore, they can explore new revenue streams through tiered plans, managed services and other value-added services for businesses and residential customers. Early adoption of WiFi 6E therefore provides WISPs with a significant competitive advantage in the market to deliver technology that brings with it high-performance connectivity.

The increase in available spectrum with the availability of the lower 6GHz spectrum will result in gigabit-level speeds, making it ideal for high-bandwidth applications. WISPs need to think about what they can do with this additional capacity and expand their strategies beyond just providing internet services.

“At a time when fibre is unreliable with many cable breaks and 5G has still not been proven in South Africa, WiFi 6E opens a world of possibilities for WISPs. They are perfectly positioned to provide reliable, high-speed internet connectivity, which companies need to remain competitive, and consumers rely on for their personal use. WiFi 6E provides an ideal platform for WISPs to improve their existing services and tap into new market potential,” concludes Huysamen.

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