CA to buy mainframe management software firm

By Kaunda Chama, ITWeb features editor
Johannesburg, 20 Apr 2006

BEA announces BlueDragon

Enterprise infrastructure software vendor BEA Systems has released the BEA WebLogic edition of BlueDragon.

BlueDragon enables customers to extend legacy ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) applications to run on BEA WebLogic Server.

BEA is licensing the BlueDragon software from New Atlanta, a provider of server-side technologies. The solution, says BEA, is designed to extend legacy applications to new platforms and accelerate the delivery of service-oriented architectures (SOAs).

Red Hat grabs JBoss for $350m

Linux software firm Red Hat will buy open source vendor JBoss in a $350 million deal that it claims will pave the way for next generation Web-based applications running on open source platforms, ITP Technology reports.

The acquisition will give Red Hat a suite of open source Java middleware, which will complement its Linux distribution products. Both companies are committed to advancing open source software and believe the acquisition will accelerate the shift towards service-orientated architecture (SOA) and enterprise adoption of open source infrastructure.

SOA`s flexibility could result in chaos

The promise of SOA offers significant opportunity for service reuse and the realisation of a fully integrated enterprise, Andrew Lawlor writes on Sys-Con Italia.

But left unchecked, the flexibility enabled by SOA will result in a Wild Wild West of enterprise IT. To properly harness the power of SOA while delivering value for the enterprise, certain controls are essential.

Incorporating service discovery, service security, service management, and policy governance in a ubiquitous and transparent framework is essential to the success of any enterprise SOA deployment.