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Cambium Networks QoE solution for ISPs available through Duxbury Networking

Johannesburg, 01 Dec 2023
Cambium QoE helps ISPs to improve responsiveness and optimise their service offerings.
Cambium QoE helps ISPs to improve responsiveness and optimise their service offerings.

Duxbury Networking, a Southern Africa distributor for Cambium Networks, says Cambium’s Quality of Experience (QoE) solution will transform how ISPs deliver on the connectivity needs of their customers. Integrating into existing networks with minimal configuration management required, Cambium QoE enables ISPs to improve responsiveness and optimise their service offerings to deliver consistent, reliable application performance to customers.

The Cambium QoE solution is hardware agnostic and can therefore be incorporated into any broadband network, regardless of the underlying technology – from fibre to licensed and unlicensed wireless systems. This flexibility makes it an ideal option for a diverse range of service providers and not just those using Cambium hardware.

It provides service providers with granular control over application traffic to ensure that critical services receive the priority needed. The dynamic queue-based rate limiting, congestion management, and application insights features enable broadband providers to optimise network performance in real-time, enhancing the user experience significantly.

For instance, Cambium QoE features TCP Optimisation to ensure that TCP traffic flowing through it reaches optimal speeds, resulting in faster downloads and uploads. Think of the solution as a transparent proxy for every TCP connection in the network. Furthermore, the QoE TCP feature detects congestion based on the measured delivery rate.

The essence of the Cambium QoE solution lies in its ability to fine-tune network performance to meet the specific needs of end-users. This capability positions broadband providers to become the service providers of choice, delivering high-quality, reliable internet services.

“At Duxbury Networking, we are committed to bringing the best networking solutions to the southern African market,” says Teresa Huysamen, Wireless Business Unit Manager at Duxbury Networking. “The Cambium QoE solution aligns perfectly with this commitment, offering a level of network control and optimisation that transforms how service providers enable the next level of user experience in today’s digitally driven market.”

To learn more about Cambium Networks’ QoE solution, please contact Duxbury Networking at (011) 351 9800 or visit the Cambium Solutions page


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