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Dell launches second solar community hub in Limpopo

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 05 Mar 2024
Students at the Dell solar hub in Xitlhelani, Limpopo.
Students at the Dell solar hub in Xitlhelani, Limpopo.

Dell Technologies (Dell) has opened the second solar-powered digitall hub in Limpopo.

The new hub is situated in the Xitlhelani village and is a resuly of Dell's partnership with Utelize MobileSITA South AfricaComputer Aid International and Amandla Community Projects. It will support an additional 10 000 residents following the launch of the first hub in November 2022, benefiting 12 000 residents in nearby Roerfontein and Mamaila villages.

These hubs aim to connect community members to the digital world, offering free ICT training for local students and discounted internet and technology access for the broader community. Dell has established 13 such hubs across South Africa.

Natasha Reuben, head of transformation at Dell Technologies South Africa, emphasied the importance of digital tools and skills in accessing essential services and jobs. 

The Xitlhelani hub was built from two refurbished shipping containers and houses 10 PCs and 30 Dell rugged laptops, suitable for tough conditions. It is powered by a Dell PowerEdge server.

The ICT courses offered include basic computer skills, CV creation, job and scholarship applications, and the opportunity to gain an ICDL certification, internationally recognised for computer skills. Residents can also purchase discounted data vouchers and refurbished IT equipment and access a phone charging facility.

Addressing the digital divide is crucial in Limpopo, where according to ICASA’s State of ICT sector report, only 58% of residents have internet access – the lowest in the country. Dell believes this hub could make a significant difference in the province.

"This project is about more than providing access to technology; it's about planting seeds of opportunity and aspiration in a community where these were previously scarce," said Suren Naidoo, MD of SITA South Africa.

Utelize Mobile will assist in facilitating the purchasing of refurbished IT equipment, while SITA, Computer Aid International, and Amandla Community Projects play key roles in implementing and managing the hub.