Duxbury helps bridge ICT skills development gap

Johannesburg, 10 Apr 2024
Duxbury bridges the gap in ICT skills development.
Duxbury bridges the gap in ICT skills development.

With almost 70% of South African companies prizing technical skills as critical in today’s digital economy, Duxbury Networking believes it has become essential for stakeholders in the IT industry to play their part in talent development. One such initiative is Duxbury Masterclasses, which focuses on nurturing job-relevant networking skills.

Currently, South Africa has a skills shortage of at least 77 000 high-valued digital jobs, with many businesses turning to outsourcing to address this need. However, this impacts the country’s economic growth and limits innovation.

“At Duxbury, we have been prioritising skills development for 40 years. We believe it is essential to leverage the expertise of our professionals to facilitate meeting this important nationwide objective, especially when it comes to networking infrastructure,” says Graham Duxbury, CEO of Duxbury Networking. “As a channel-centric business, we have been working closely with our channel partners to share in these skills and equip their employees with the understanding of how to maximise the vendor solutions we provide.”

Duxbury regularly hosts sales and technical masterclasses, each spotlighting various vendor solutions and specialised networking subjects. These sessions, facilitated by in-house experts or vendor representatives, delve deeply into the nuances of our vendor solutions spanning switching, routing, VOIP, wireless, cyber security, surveillance and signal boosters.

“In the connected business environment, people with the right technical expertise become a vital competitive advantage for organisations. This is what we are passionate about. We ensure our channel partners are aligned to this and get access to all the right skills development, training and in-house expertise we have available to help address one of the most pressing challenges of today,” says Duxbury.

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