eNatis tops 14m transactions

By Siyabonga Africa, ITWeb junior journalist
Johannesburg, 10 Nov 2008

The electronic National Traffic Information System (eNatis) concluded more than 14 million transactions in October alone.

The online traffic management system was up for 100% of the time and made more than 600 000 transactions per day on several occasions during this period.

The eNatis Web site states increases were experienced in all of the transaction categories: from vehicle licensing, which rose by 903 181 (3.21%); driving licence card orders, which rose by 190 923 (6.16%); and learner's licence authorisations, which increased by 76 504 (3.83%).

According to the Web site, the increased transaction volume can be attributed to implementation of the pilot phase of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO), which is operated by the Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department (TMPD).

Philip van der Merwe, spokesman for the Tasima Consortium (the eNatis contractor), says system-to-system transactions, which take place between traffic departments and police stations and the TMPD, are expected to increase since more organisations are granted direct access to new functionality to be deployed in 2009. eNatis is expected to be incorporated into AARTO, which will be deployed nationwide by the beginning of 2009.

Human error disappears

eNatis explains that allowing institutions, such as the TMPD, to perform more transactions, holds the benefit of greater security (transactions pass through fewer hands than was previously the case) and frees up more capacity at registering authorities and testing stations. This, in turn, should result in improved service levels.

“The system is a major improvement over the manual system previously used at driving licence testing centres. Scheduling bookings manually is subject to human error, is not wholly effective and moreover presents ample opportunity for fraud and corruption,” says Van der Merwe.

Van der Merwe goes on to say the new eNatis-linked booking system has proven to be a highly effective and efficient replacement. He explains that the system has streamlined the learner and driving licence process, ensured optimal use of available capacity and virtually eliminated a number of corrupt practices, among which the selling of appointments by unscrupulous officials.

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