Fewer transactions for eNatis


Audra Mahlong
By Audra Mahlong, senior journalist
Johannesburg, 19 Mar 2009

The electronic National Traffic Information System (eNatis) states declines in its transaction volumes are directly related to the troubled economy.

In February, the system recorded nearly 13 million transactions - a decrease from transactions recorded in February 2008, although an exact figure is not available.

An eNatis statement notes that declines in transactions are due to decreases in new vehicle registrations for February 2009 and not any significant system interruptions.

There were 39 613 vehicle registrations last month, as compared to 68 775 in February 2008. This decline marked a 42% decrease from February 2008 and 5.7% from January 2009.

The statement also says the trend is in line with slumps currently being experienced by the vehicle industry. It adds that any interruptions on the system are limited to particular service stations and not the entire system.

Last month, the Johannesburg service centre performed the most transactions - 659 740. This was followed by Pretoria with 615 186 transactions. Cape Town processed 570 236 applications, followed by Durban with 321 847 transactions.

Record highs

In January, eNatis recorded 16 167 279 transactions online - a 22.5% increase from January 2008. In December, eNatis processed close on 15 million transactions, marking a year-on-year increase of 41.68% and a month-on-month increase of 14.56%.

eNatis also shows that more Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences infringements were recorded in February, and the follow-up notices sent to offenders who had not settled their outstanding fines resulted in a greater number of system-to-system transactions.

The Johannesburg service centres performed the most of these transactions - 804 731, while Pretoria followed with 715 464 transactions. Cape Town recorded 668 322 transactions, while Durban had 355 210 and Port Elizabeth 183 726.

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