GenAI central to Oracle’s cloud app strategy

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 08 May 2024
Akesh Lalla, Oracle director, applications.
Akesh Lalla, Oracle director, applications.

Oracle South Africa hosted an

Applications Day

in Johannesburg on 7 May and used the forum to advertise its GenAI value proposition linked to every layer of its Fusion cloud application suite.

Oracle Fusion is a modular solution stack including enterprise resource planning, supply chain & manufacturing, human capital management, sales, service, and marketing.

Oracle is focused on several industries like communications, retail, manufacturing, finance, construction, and healthcare.

Akesh Lalla, director of applications at Oracle, said the vendor’s strategy is to empower customers with everything they need to drive a digital and data-driven business. “We use an open platform approach, our solutions can integrate with other technology, so customers that want to use multiple and different technologies can also benefit… We offer a solution that facilitates end-to-end business process transactions.”

Lalla added that Oracle, known for its strength in database management services, is not just an application vendor but also a technology vendor.

“What does that mean for you as a SaaS or app customer? It means that you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure layer – the database and hardware.”

He said of the 14 000 customers using Fusion applications, all have migrated to GenAI infrastructure.

Oracle has identified 50 GenAI use cases within its stack and encourages customers to propose new use cases.

Executives stressed the company’s commitment to customer data integrity and privacy. They reassured customers that their data would not be shared with third-party providers.

Lalla noted Oracle's market differentiation through regular quarterly product updates, and the functionality and flexibility of its solutions tailored to meet business needs.

Oracle used this Applucation Datemphasized that as AI and GenAI continue to permeate markets, business leaders must collaborate with partners who possess the requisite expertise and skill sets in this emerging technology.