Generative AI survey goes live

By Alison Job
Johannesburg, 05 Sept 2023
Anna Collard, SVP of content strategy and evangelist, KnowBe4 Africa.
Anna Collard, SVP of content strategy and evangelist, KnowBe4 Africa.

An ITWeb survey on generative AI, being conducted in partnership with KnowBe4, has gone live. The survey examines the technology’s use in SA organisations, as well as businesses’ concerns and how they mitigate risks.

Anna Collard, SVP of content strategy and evangelist at KnowBe4 Africa, explains, “The objective of this survey is to gain insights into the use of generative AI in SA’s organisations, the pervasiveness of this technology so far, CIOs' and CISOs' concerns around it from both a security and privacy, and ethics point of view, and how technology leaders manage and mitigate identified risks.

“We would also like to see if South African organisations are allowing their employees access to ChatGPT and other generative AI systems.”

The survey also asks businesses how concerned they are about adversaries using generative AI (GenAI) like ChatGPT or uncontrolled versions of it in their attacks. 

“A few weeks ago, a new generative AI cyber crime tool, WormGPT, emerged on Africa’s cyber security threat landscape," says Collard. "It enables criminals to write malware and craft convincing phishing e-mails. We want to know whether businesses are providing employees with any specific training around identifying and countering AI-generated misinformation or deepfakes.”

Aiming to find out the current and future role of generative AI in SA business, the survey asks if organisations are currently using GenAI and if they provide employees with guidelines around its use.

Collard says, “We’re interrogating general concerns about generative AI, as well as which additional measures or tools could enhance the responsible use and control of ChatGPT and generative AI in organisations.”

Please set aside a few minutes of your time to participate in the survey and help us compile this GenAI trends report. By doing so, you'll alo stand a chance to win a lucky draw prize, a Takealot voucher to the value of R3 000.

The detailed results of the survey, and the prize winner, will be published on ITWeb. The survey outcomes will also be unpacked at a webinar on generative AI. Respondents who agree to further contact by KnowBe4 will receive an invitation to attend the webinar.

To add your input, click on the link below: