ID governance at the core of cyber security maturity – Integralis

Johannesburg, 27 Mar 2024
Quinton Hughes, director and IGA architect, Integralis.
Quinton Hughes, director and IGA architect, Integralis.

Management at Integralis IT Consultancy, which positions itself as an expert in identity governance and administration (IGA), software asset intelligence and credential management, asserts that IGA stands as the cornerstone of every organisation's cyber security defence.

The company, founded in 2008, is a specialist in governance technology solutions and managed services. It stands out as one of the few service providers in South Africa capable of delivering and maintaining IGA solutions from four leading IGA vendors.

Additionally, Integralis offers managed services within a unique framework known as ‘Compliance Level Management’, ensuring comprehensive support in regulatory compliance and security governance.

One of these vendors, Danish IGA solutions company Omada, will join Integralis and participate in the ITWeb Security Summit 2024, in Johannesburg, from 4 to 6 June.

Omada positions itself as a leading provider of solutions for identity management and access governance. Omada Identity Cloud has strong capabilities across all areas of IGA, and provides a modern approach to identity governance, with measurable results of deployment within as little as 12 weeks.

Together with Omada, Integralis aims to increase awareness around IGA’s pivotal role in cyber security frameworks and its place in an organisation's broader identity fabric; while debunking some common myths surrounding IGA programmes.

Almero Steyn, director and CTO at Integralis IT, says: “Companies understand identity life cycle management or identity and access management solutions well, but sometimes struggle to build a clear roadmap on how to transition from automation to identity as a strategic part of IT and security operations.”

Quinton Hughes, director and IGA architect, adds: “Legislation and security frameworks such as POPIA, GDPR and NIST2 have helped bring to the forefront requirements around governance and compliance. This has slowly started to highlight the difference between automating your environment versus governing and protecting your environment.”

Steyn adds: “Integralis is focused on helping customers to build governance solutions in various areas such as identity governance, authentication governance, verification and software licence governance and compliance.”

He expounds on Integralis’ unique value proposition: “We guide clients through the process, utilising industry-proven IGA frameworks, ensuring they select the most suitable IGA platform, tailored to their needs and budget. Integralis provides the necessary expertise and experience to implement the chosen approach effectively, ensuring seamless integration and operation.”

Integralis goes beyond advisory services by offering comprehensive managed services. Through its compliance level agreement (CLA) managed service for IGA, the company takes full responsibility for managing systems on behalf of its customers.

This service relieves organisations of the burden of day-to-day system management, allowing them to focus on core business operations while ensuring robust compliance and security measures are consistently maintained.

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