#ITWebSS2024 Cape Town: Arctic Wolf calls for amplified resilience

Johannesburg, 21 May 2024
Jason Oehley, regional sales director, Arctic Wolf.
Jason Oehley, regional sales director, Arctic Wolf.

Jason Oehley, regional sales director at cyber security firm Arctic Wolf, says a brief glimpse of cyber security breaches in 2023 is enough to warrant the immediate strengthening of a business’ resilience.

Oehley is scheduled to present at the 2024 ITWeb Security Summit Cape Town on 28 May at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

He will introduce findings of the company’s research into breaches that occurred during 2023, specifically those that caused the most damage or cost the most money.

Arctic Wolf’s security experts have categorised these breaches according to attack type, threat actors, industries, and regions.

Oehley will use these insights as background context to explain to delegates why they cannot afford to wait to reinforce their security foundation and resilience.

He says Arctic Wolf runs one of the largest security operations centres globally and he looks forward to meaningful engagement with Africa’s security ecosystem.

“This is very valuable data – we have rigorously interrogated our information sources to come up with accurate data that is free of hype. We believe this will help our market to establish and implement a cyber security strategy that works,” says Oehley.

Attendees will also hear about trends that Arctic Wolf believes will accelerate in 2024, how these trends could impact their organisation, and what users can do about it.

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