#ITWebSS2024: Liquid C2 to help define AI’s role in cyber security

Johannesburg, 15 May 2024
Unathi Mothiba, senior product manager of Liquid C2.
Unathi Mothiba, senior product manager of Liquid C2.

Leading cloud and cyber security services and solutions provider Liquid C2 has confirmed its participation at the ITWeb Security Summit 2024, and plans to discuss the impact of AI on cyber security, including challenges, opportunities, ethics and responsible innovation.

Speaking to ITWeb ahead of the event, LiquidC2 senior product manager Unathi Mothiba highlighted the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation. This is reflected in the continuous evolution of their business model and offerings, ensuring alignment with the changing industry requirements to address the fast-evolving threat landscape.

LiquidC2 has developed its services and solutions stack to address the needs of the market and help organisations benefit from the transformative power of AI in cyber security.

“Over the next year, AI will transform cyberthreat detection and response. That is why we have now aggressively pivoted to integrate AI as part of our value proposition and offerings,” Mothiba said.

He points out that GenAI can be used to bolster advanced threat detection and response capabilities. AI is capable of processing large amounts of data quickly and can also identify patterns indicating threats to prevent common attacks.

But there is another side to AI. Mothiba explained that customers are increasingly aware of issues like bias, hallucinations, and the opportunity for threat actors to manipulate AI to orchestrate targeted, sophisticated attacks.

It is generally accepted that the ethical use of AI means the technology is used with transparency, accountability, reliability, securely and with privacy in mind.

LiquidC2’s mandate is to help customers ensure the data stored and moved on their network is secure, while also leveraging the benefits of AI practices for maximum outcomes.

“We help customers stay ahead of threats by providing a holistic approach to cyber security,” Mothiba added. "We also help customers identify threats and vulnerabilities, access risk exposure, develop cyber security frameworks, implement protection and detection measures, establish continuous monitoring, and respond and recover from cyber security Incidents."

According to Mothiba, the company’s vision for a secure digital future will build on the competency of its cyber security professionals and is based around innovation, collaboration, and the integration of AI.

“Companies are losing billions of dollars because of cyber attacks. There is also a global shortage of cyber security experts. We are championing cyber security and, with that,  continued investment in AI solutions and implementation.”

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