MS warns against fake software

Kirsten Doyle
By Kirsten Doyle, ITWeb contributor.
Johannesburg, 26 Jul 2007

MS warns against fake software

After taking up cudgels against resellers and solution providers for software piracy, Microsoft has cautioned its partners and customers in India against fake software floating in the market, reports

The move follows raids on a global counterfeiting syndicate based in southern China.

The syndicate is allegedly responsible for manufacturing and distributing more than $2 billion worth of counterfeit Microsoft software found in 27 countries and on five continents, the company said.

Judge cautions ConnectU brothers

The Ivy League twins suing founder and former Harvard classmate Mark Zuckerberg for a hi-tech double-cross are in trouble with a federal judge, who has given them two months to persuade him not to throw their case out, says Boston Herald.

"I'm going to offer you the opportunity to meet a higher standard. It's in your hands," said US district court judge Douglas Woodlock, who yesterday warned the 25-year-old brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, of, a rival online networking site.

Woodlock further warned the brothers that their ongoing courtship of the press has "the aroma" of trying to force an out-of-court settlement with 23-year-old "whiz kid" Zuckerberg.

Digg fires Google

Digg, a reader-powered news site, fired Google as its online advertising partner on Wednesday in favour of Microsoft Corporation, a company it described as young and willing to take risks, reports Forbes.

"We at Digg couldn't think of a better partner to get to where we need to go," said Jay Adelson, the company's CEO. "They're a young ad service, they're innovative, and they're willing to work with us on the cutting-edge."

For three years, Microsoft will deliver ads - mostly small, contextually relevant text links - on

Cisco preps for virtualised data centre

Virtualisation has become somewhat of a Wild West for the data centre market, promising streets paved with gold for IT groups - and endless riches for the vendors hawking this new-age server slicing technology, says The Register.

But as the virtualisation frontier swells with shops and vendors staking claims to their real estate, it's clear that something in the data centre needs to take charge of it all. Something needs to be the central point for monitoring and managing virtual machines and applications.

In the past, Cisco has watched as the server, software and storage makers slugged it out with each other. Now, finally, the company has unveiled Data Centre 3.0.