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New SA Podcasters Guild creates support network

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 06 Nov 2023
The South African Podcasters Guild aims to attract 1 000 members in its first year.
The South African Podcasters Guild aims to attract 1 000 members in its first year.

The South African Podcasters Guild (SAPG), a non-profit body aimed at elevating SA’s podcasting industry, has been established by a group of local podcasters.

Comprising seasoned professionals and aspiring talent, the organisation seeks to professionalise the podcasting industry by creating a network of support for members and empowering them to make a significant impact on the country’s media landscape.

According to a statement, the guild’s mission is to establish a vibrant and thriving podcasting community by building the largest, most engaged podcasting community in the country.

“By fostering a supportive community, enhancing podcast quality and creating valuable opportunities for creators and advertisers, SAPG is set to revolutionise the podcasting landscape in the country,” it says.

“The guild is dedicated to enhancing the quality of South African podcasts, making podcasting more accessible to creators and listeners, increasing visibility for South African podcasts, and fostering trust by connecting podcasting industries with other sectors for mutual benefit.”

The industry body says it aims to attract 1 000 members in its first year, and is inviting fellow podcasters to join.

It is developing a standardised set of metrics and data to enable media agencies, clients and sponsors to seamlessly collaborate with SAPG-approved podcasts, ensuring transparency and reliability in business transactions, it says.

Other goals for the year include establishing an online community platform, including WhatsApp communities, to facilitate interaction and collaboration among members.

The SAPG also seeks to host two major events annually – the Guild Festival and the Guild Awards – to celebrate outstanding podcasting achievements in SA.

Industry experts previously told ITWeb the increase in internet penetration and accessibility to smartphones is seeing the local podcasting industry rapidly take off.

This, as SA’s mainstream radio market struggles to grow.

According to PwC’s Media Outlook, the South African podcast market is forecast to reach up to 19 million monthly listeners by 2024. The podcast advertising revenue segment is estimated to be worth R302 million in 2023, as digital media increasingly influences how the audience consumes content.

Podcasters, enthusiasts and industry stakeholders who would like to join can visit the website.