Oppo to infuse phones with its own AI assistant

Sibahle Malinga
By Sibahle Malinga
Johannesburg, 23 Feb 2024
Oppo’s Find N2 Flip launched in SA last year.
Oppo’s Find N2 Flip launched in SA last year.

Oppo’s newly-established artificial intelligence (AI) centre will enable the Chinese smartphone brand to bring users AI capabilities across its devices, it says.

According to a statement, through its research and development of AI and its applications, the new Shenzhen, China-based centre unveiled this week aims to strengthen Oppo’s AI strategy and explore a broader range of user-centric AI products and features.

In November, Oppo released its own large language model, AndesGPT, which comprises 180 billion parameters. Its technical characteristics include dialogue enhancement, personalisation and cloud-device collaboration, and its capabilities focus on knowledge, memory, tools and creation.

Within the second quarter of 2024, the Oppo Reno11 Series will be equipped with generative AI (GenAI) capabilities, including the Oppo AI Eraser function, says the firm.

This follows the company’s introduction of the Oppo Find X7 series late last year, which integrates GenAI features, such as intelligent object removal in photos and phone conversation summary.

“Following feature phones and smartphones, next-gen AI smartphones will represent the third major transformative stage in the mobile phone industry,” says Pete Lau, chief product officer of Oppo.

“In the era of AI smartphones, both the mobile phone industry and user experience will witness revolutionary changes. Oppo is dedicated to becoming a contributor and promoter of AI smartphones.

“We look forward to working together with our industry partners to jointly drive the innovation of the mobile phone industry and reshape the intelligent experience of mobile phones.”

In SA, the Chinese smartphone maker has gained traction, shipping over one million units to SA by October 2023, only three years after it established a presence in the country.

The arrival of AI-enabled smartphones − such as the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Motorola Razr 2023 and iPhone 15 Pro Max − is increasingly revolutionising the mobile industry.

AI provides innovative mobile capabilities, including better quality images and multi-language translation, and assists users to better craft written content.

Oppo says it will provide AI capabilities as well as a development platform to support the new ecosystem, which will “significantly complement and enhance the current Android app ecosystem”.

Based on its research and development, Oppo outlines four characteristics of AI smartphones:

  • Must efficiently utilise computing resources to meet the computational needs of generative AI in the AI era.
  • Should be aware of the real world in time through sensors, understanding the complex information of users and the environment.
  • Possess powerful self-learning capabilities.
  • Have multi-modal content generation abilities.

“Various AI services will be integrated into Oppo’s intelligent agents, enabling users to enjoy services that better meet their individual needs,” it says.