Sentech MyWireless "reigns supreme"

By Livewired Communications
Johannesburg, 16 Oct 2005

MyWireless has been named the most reliable wireless broadband solution by the MyADSL Wireless Broadband report.

Rudolph Muller, founder of MyADSL and lecturer at the Department of Business Information Technology (BIT) of the University of Johannesburg, says Sentech came first place with a comparative score of 87%, compared to second placed Vodacom, which came in with 81%.

"Sentech performed consistently well across all 60 variables, reigning supreme in both the lab-based testing and user-based testing. It proved to be the most reliable and consistent wireless broadband service in South Africa, winning quite easily in the end," he says.

The results in order of percentage were Sentech (87%), Vodacom (81%), iBurst (80%) and MTN (78%).

In terms of reliability, Sentech was streaks ahead of its competitors. MyWireless was placed second in terms of cost and average upload speed and third in terms of average download speed.

Winston Smith, Sentech Portfolio Manager of broadband wireless, says Sentech is delighted with the results.

"MyADSL's broadband tests over the year have shown a steady increase in the performance of MyWireless. In MyADSL's April broadband ratings (including Telkom), the MyWireless 256 package scored 62% behind Telkom but ahead of iBurst and Vodacom. With MyWireless current score of 87%, Sentech has cemented its position as the leading provider of wireless broadband in South Africa," he says.

The MyADSL Wireless Broadband Report, the first of its kind in South Africa, is a comparative analysis of South Africa's current wireless broadband offerings.

A sample of South African wireless broadband users performed thousands of upload, download and latency performance tests using their broadband connections. Numerous diagnostic tests were also conducted in the newly formed Broadband Laboratory at the University of Johannesburg. An algorithm was then used to rate each broadband service according to various criteria, including cost, reliability, upload speed, download speed, latency, service restrictions, and technical support.

Muller says the overall broadband results including fixed and wireless solutions will be released in November.

"Sentech is expected to perform very well in that report because of its reliability and the fact that it is an uncapped service," he says.

Smith says it is the second time this month that Sentech has been recognised by MyADSL after its call centre came in joint first in a helpdesk survey performed by MyADSL.

In the survey Telkom and Sentech's helpdesks came out tops while MTN and Vodacom's service was rated "disturbingly poor."

The time taken to reach a suitable consultant that could answer basic questions regarding their data services were recorded. The accuracy of the answers and the speed at which queries were answered were also evaluated.

Sentech's consultants were reached within 30 seconds, and both of the consultants could provide fast and accurate answers, the report said.



Sentech is the trail-blazer of Broadband Wireless communications in South Africa: connecting businesses and individuals to the world via satellite. Sentech is present in every home in South Africa connecting consumers to the world of television and radio via its satellite network. Sentech also connects its customers - consumers and businesses - to the Internet, international calling as well as access to a company's virtual private network.

Sentech brings television and radio to over 42 million people, has 53 000 South Africans connecting wirelessly via its satellite infrastructure, and connects cellular companies through its international telephony every day/week/month. Sentech currently has 53 MyWireless access sites in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Tshwane and Nelspruit and is striving to grow this daily. Sentech employs over 550 people.

Sentech was the first company in South Africa to roll out a third generation (3G) broadband wireless access network and is continually pioneering the provision of broadband data, converged voice and broadcasting signal distribution services. Its best-known brands are MyWireless, MyWireless Flexi, VMESH, Satellite Linking, VSTAR Internet, Broadcasting Signal Distribution Service, Business Television and Radio, Value Added Network Services, Vivid, MailLink, InStoreAd and MultiNet which bring Net-access, email and other value-adding services to consumers, micro-business and SMEs respectively.

Sentech is state-owned and is a fully commercial enterprise holding a number of licenses, including the Common Carrier license for broadcasting, and licenses for Multimedia and international Carrier of Carriers services. Sentech currently carries traffic for all three mobile operators in South Africa.


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