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ServiceNow accelerates enterprise transformation with smarter, faster, simpler experiences in Washington, D.C. platform release

* First platform release of 2024 includes new features for increased intelligence and fast time to value.
* Sales and Order Management, Operational Technology Management and Platform Analytics innovations unlock automation and streamline employee experiences, powering better business at scale.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., 26 Mar 2024

ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), which positions itself as the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, today announced its first platform release of 2024, designed to accelerate enterprise transformation with smarter, faster, simpler experiences. The Now Platform Washington, D.C. release includes new features that boost intelligent automation and deliver fast time to value, critical elements of a business’s digital transformation roadmap.

Platform Analytics – unified analytics and reporting.
Platform Analytics – unified analytics and reporting.

According to Gartner, global spending on technology is forecast to rebound from 4.8% in 2023 to 7% in 2024, reaching $5 trillion. As CEOs seek to transform their businesses and work smarter, leaders are concentrating their digital investments into proven, strategic platforms that deliver net‑new innovation and maximise digitisation across the enterprise. ServiceNow’s Washington, D.C. release makes it easier than ever for customers to put the power of the Now Platform to work, connecting and orchestrating processes to build seamless experiences that increase productivity and reduce costs.

“As workplace technology advances faster and faster, it’s never been more challenging to be a business leader. That’s why ServiceNow has built an end‑to‑end platform that seamlessly weaves intelligence into the core fabric of what our customers do every day to streamline processes and drive real impact for their business,” said CJ Desai, president and chief operating officer at ServiceNow. “The Now Platform Washington, D.C. release delivers innovations that meet organisations' growing needs for smarter, streamlined, more connected experiences at scale, all from the intelligent platform for business transformation."

Simplifying experiences to drive productivity and business efficiency

The Now Platform drives seamless, intelligent experiences among businesses, customers, and employees to propel growth. With a focus on enhancing efficiency, satisfaction, and productivity, the Washington, D.C. release includes new tools to optimise crucial interactions, fuelling business growth and helping organisations adapt to ever‑shifting customer and employee needs.

Sales and Order Management (SOM) helps organisations increase revenue by uniting the sales and order lifecycles across front, middle, and back‑office teams on the ServiceNow platform. Sales and fulfilment agents can easily manage opportunities, configure and price quotes, and capture and fulfil orders. SOM empowers customer service agents to complete post-sale commercial changes, helping drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities – all in the same platform they use to manage customer service requests. Service agents can create opportunities, quotes and orders just like sales staff. Improving the sales experience is a core need for businesses in industries like telecommunications, manufacturing, and technology – SOM helps companies orchestrate a more connected sales experience on a single platform to simplify processes, improve customer experiences, and accelerate results.

Platform Analytics offers a secure, simple, unified experience for reporting and analytics across the entire Now Platform. Customers can now seamlessly create data visualisations and dashboards that incorporate multiple data inputs into one easy-to-understand experience to power faster, smarter decision-making. Platform Analytics also surfaces meaningful, personalised and timely information directly within Next Experience workspaces, which effortlessly connects to Workflow Studio, so customers can easily create condition-based workflow triggers based on analytics thresholds out of the box to seamlessly go from insight to action.

New AIOps experiences in Service Operations Workspace for ITOM allows AIOps users and administrators to speed issue resolution and achieve faster time to value with enhancements to Express List and alert automation. Express List helps operators work and address issues quickly and effectively – bringing historical alert trends and automated root cause analysis into a single, digestible screen view. Alert automation provides helpful context for operators to more easily understand and action events with alert simplification and grouping, so they can onboard more quickly and speed up resolution times.

A single intuitive interface for end‑to‑end workflow automation

Automating workflows not only simplifies experiences, but improves productivity, freeing up time for employees to focus on more complex tasks rather than manual and menial ones. The Washington, D.C. release includes new features to unlock end‑to‑end workflow automation across the enterprise, powering innovation and creating new efficiencies.

The new Workflow Studio allows creators to create workflow automations quickly and easily from start to finish. Users simply describe the process they’d like to automate, and Workflow Studio will visualise and create the workflows. The solution integrates capabilities like Flow Designer, Automation Engine, Process Automation Designer, and Decision Builder into one view, so employees can collaborate and easily create, configure, and monitor automated workflows.

The Washington, D.C. release also updates the ServiceNow Operational Technology (OT) solution portfolio to serve industrial environments and smart factories. Operational Technology (OT) Knowledge Management adds to existing OT Visibility, Service Management, and Vulnerability products by accelerating the resolution of shop floor issues, further breaking down organisational barriers by capturing and sharing known resolutions for OT incidents and process deviations across sites. With upgraded asset inventory and amplified security, ServiceNow does for OT what it did for IT over the past two decades – accelerating digital transformation, specifically for industrial environments and smart factories.

Security Posture Control (SPC) is a new solution in the Security Operations portfolio that helps organisations gain visibility into critical security tool coverage gaps, identify assets with high-risk combinations, and automate response workflows across the enterprise. This solution builds on customers’ existing investments in ITOM Visibility and Service Graph Connector programs. With Security Posture Control, customers will have a better understanding of their security posture, improving cybersecurity strength and resilience.

Driving consistency and efficiency with one extensible data model

Poor or inconsistent data can create risk, cost organisations time and resources and lead to mistakes. The latest Now Platform release includes new pre‑built, cross‑functional workflows developed with our Common Services Data Model (CSDM), so companies can harness the power of their operational data and drive efficiencies at scale. Through automation, CSDM allows organisations to collect data across hardware or software, cloud or data centre into a trusted, auditable data model that can be used across multiple workflows and follows compliance guidelines.

These solutions can be applied across use cases in security incident management, human resources and governance by helping IT teams retain accurate, audit-ready data for executive and regulatory reporting, decreasing time spent on maintaining applications.


Innovations announced today were generally available to all customers in the ServiceNow Store from 20 March. In addition to the above, new, generative AI‑focused innovations were also announced. More details can be found here.



ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) makes the world work better for everyone. Our cloud‑based platform and solutions help digitize and unify organizations so that they can find smarter, faster, better ways to make work flow. So employees and customers can be more connected, more innovative, and more agile. And we can all create the future we imagine. The world works with ServiceNow. For more information, visit:

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