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ServiceNow furthers generative AI leadership with new capabilities in Washington, D.C. platform release

* New features enhance Now Assist GenAI experiences, offer responsible, intelligent automation embedded within the ServiceNow platform.
* Now Assist for IT Operations Management (ITOM) AIOps, Now Assist in Virtual Agent enhancements, and ServiceNow Impact AI Accelerators help organisations boost productivity and accelerate value from AI investments.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., 26 Mar 2024

ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), which positions itself as the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, today furthered its generative AI (GenAI) leadership with new capabilities in its Washington, D.C. platform release. The new features enhance the Now Assist GenAI experiences, which offer responsible, intelligent automation embedded into the ServiceNow platform. Available today, Now Assist for IT Operations Management (ITOM) AIOps, Now Assist in Virtual Agent enhancements and ServiceNow Impact AI Accelerators extend ServiceNow’s innovation in AI and help boost productivity and accelerate value from AI investments.

Now Assist for ITOM – VM performance simplification.
Now Assist for ITOM – VM performance simplification.

According to IDC, enterprises invested $16 billion in generative AI in 2023 and will increase investment to over $143 billion within the next three years,[1] as organisations realise the value and maximise adoption across their workforces. ServiceNow’s Washington, D.C. release brings new, expanded solutions to the enterprise that orchestrate smarter experiences and enable faster deployment – empowering organisations to scale generative AI across departments and recognise ROI all on a single platform.

“The partnership between human intelligence and artificial intelligence enables a new level of simplicity to drive better business outcomes. However, CEOs have a difficult challenge. They know they must invest in generative AI to realise its true potential, but they can’t sacrifice proper privacy and governance while they move quickly,” said Jon Sigler, senior vice-president of Platform at ServiceNow. “ServiceNow leads the industry with secure, responsible generative AI solutions, all on a single platform for end‑to‑end business transformation. With the latest innovations in the Washington, D.C. release, we are bringing generative AI to new use cases and personas so we can multiply its impact for every industry.”

Scaling the impact of generative AI across the enterprise

ServiceNow continues to improve its rapidly expanding generative AI portfolio so enterprises can bring the power of generative AI to any department, scale to other parts of the business quickly and accelerate value from AI spend. New Now Assist for ITOM AIOps, Now Assist in Virtual Agent enhancements, and new GenAI Accelerators available in ServiceNow Impact simplify intelligent automation experiences and turbocharge productivity with a single, intuitive interface for comprehensive workflow automation.

  • Now Assist for ITOM AIOps supercharges ServiceNow’s market‑leading ITOM AIOps solution, applying generative AI to speed up issue resolution by analysing alerts and providing critical context for operators. Now Assist for ITOM AIOps uses generative AI to translate complex, jargon‑heavy machine‑generated alerts into simple natural language so operations teams can better understand, prevent and solve issues faster. Powered by a domain-specific ServiceNow large language model (Now LLM), Now Assist for ITOM AIOps is optimised for productivity and data security to help protect enterprise operations data.
  • Enhancements to Now Assist in Virtual Agent boost ServiceNow’s generative AI capabilities unveiled in June 2023. Existing functionality combines AI Search and Service Catalog Items with generative AI chat skills to speed up issue resolution and increase case deflection from live agents with a conversational, self‑service experience. New generative AI‑enabled Virtual Agent Designer and integrated dynamic translation enrich the development side of the solution to make it quicker and easier to create AI‑powered conversations, so creators can drive higher levels of automation in Virtual Agent.
  • Virtual Agent Designer uses generative AI to quickly build custom conversational automation to improve self‑service and service delivery. The intelligence in Virtual Agent Designer solves the challenge of addressing variations in how people communicate with a quick set-up and engaging self‑service experience.
  • Dynamic translation detects the language of text inputs and automatically responds in the same language to deliver simple, seamless and real‑time localisation.
  • ServiceNow Impact AI Accelerators are part of ServiceNow Impact, a first of its‑kind value acceleration solution that helps organisations accelerate time to value with their ServiceNow investments. The new Impact AI Accelerators allow platform owners to adopt ServiceNow generative AI experiences quickly and easily, map investments to business objectives and track the value they’ve gained from generative AI for faster ROI. With a mix of ServiceNow expert support, demos and training, the accelerators provide additional expertise and guidance around generative AI, task intelligence, predictive intelligence and natural language understanding.

Generative AI research and innovation across the Now Platform

ServiceNow is a GenAI first mover, with groundbreaking research and innovations that deliver responsible, purpose‑built AI solutions. The ServiceNow Research team has published more than 70 research studies on generative AI and large language models (LLMs) since 2017. They work in close partnership with teams across ServiceNow to rapidly expand the portfolio of generative AI use cases, innovations and LLMs, while also fostering socially responsible, secure and ethical use.

This comes to life in several ways at ServiceNow. ServiceNow’s primary generative AI strategy is to leverage the domain-specific Now LLM, which runs faster, costs less, is more accurate and more secure. Plus, as part of an expanded partnership with NVIDIA to advance enterprise AI, ServiceNow is using the latest NVIDIA NIM inference micro-services to develop and deploy new LLMs faster and more cost-effectively, so customers can scale generative AI to new use cases and accelerate ROI across their business.

ServiceNow is also live with 20+ Now Assist use cases internally, which are driving millions in cost savings per year. In addition, Now Assist for IT Service Management (ITSM) helped service agents close incidents in half the time, thanks to AI‑generated case resolution notes.

ServiceNow remains committed to responsible AI development and enablement. Alongside partners like Hugging Face and NVIDIA, ServiceNow actively embraces open source software to develop responsibly sourced AI models and facilitate the training and sharing of LLMs. Last month, ServiceNow, Hugging Face and NVIDIA released StarCoder2. The StarCoder2 models were trained on more than 600 programming languages, enabling powerful new use cases for enterprise generative AI.


Innovations announced today are part of ServiceNow’s Now Platform Washington, D.C. release and were generally available to all customers in the ServiceNow Store on 20 March. Information about additional Washington, D.C. innovations can be found here.

[1] GenAI Implementation Market Outlook: Worldwide Core IT Spending for GenAI Forecast, 2023–2027 (Doc #US51294223)



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