Sinch takes customer messaging to next level with AI-powered Smart Conversations for Conversation API

Atlanta, U.S. and Stockholm, Sweden, 21 Jun 2023
Smart Conversations utilises AI technology.
Smart Conversations utilises AI technology.

To meet the rising bar for exceptional customer experiences, Sinch, which powers meaningful conversations between businesses and their customers through its Customer Communications Cloud, has launched Smart Conversations, a powerful AI capability integrated into Sinch's Conversation API. This significant advancement enables businesses to automate and personalise conversations across multiple channels, leading to superior customer experiences while optimising costs.

With the increasing demand from vertical sectors such as retail and financial services for valuable insights, time-saving solutions, cost reduction, and personalised interactions, Sinch recognised the requirement for an AI-powered tool.

Smart Conversations utilises AI technology to analyse incoming messages from any channel supported on Conversation API, providing businesses with invaluable insights into customer journeys and customer intent, and allowing them to deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX) like never before. Unlike traditional chatbot solutions, Smart Conversations in combination with Conversation API transcends basic responses, offering businesses a comprehensive solution for enhanced customer engagement.

Key highlights of Sinch's Smart Conversations:

  • Sinch's Conversation API, known for its seamless communication across popular messaging channels like WhatsApp, RCS, KakaoTalk, Instagram, and more now integrates AI features such as automatic intent recognition and sentiment analysis using Smart Conversations.
  • Sinch's Smart Conversations goes beyond just generative AI, offering a range of advanced models such as document comprehension from images (OCR), profanity detection, document classification and automatic audio transcription. These features streamline processes and eliminate the need for additional integrations, making Smart Conversations the ideal solution for businesses seeking AI-powered enhancements.
  • Smart Conversations is based on Sinch’s recognised AI expertise. Sinch is the only CPaaS (Communications-Platform-as-a-Service) company acknowledged by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Conversational AI. With over 150,000 businesses leveraging Sinch's Customer Communications Cloud, Sinch's expertise in applying AI to CPaaS is unparalleled in the industry.

“As part of Sinch's commitment to innovation, generative AI models are now being seamlessly integrated into our technology components,” said Jon Campbell, senior director of messaging products, Sinch. “This type of integration helps both our B2B software builders as well as our enterprise customers as it enables natural language processing (NLP) tasks to be trained with fewer examples, leading to more accurate responses and improved customer experiences. By combining the power of generative AI models with Sinch's own Conversation API, Smart Conversations now offers turnkey sentiment analysis, providing businesses with deeper insights into customer feedback.”

Sinch's advantage in the communications industry lies in its extensive data processing capabilities, a crucial element for success in AI-driven solutions. With a wealth of data and a strong portfolio of use cases and customer references, Sinch has established itself as an expert and thought leader in the application of AI to CPaaS. The company actively utilises AI in various ways for its customers’ benefit and these consist of external as well as internal facing use of AI, including spam filtering and optimising sending routes for its customers.

In addition to its own proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engines that power its chatbots, which consistently delivers exceptional results, Sinch also offers integrations to external AI models like ChatGPT. By incorporating these different forms of AI into Conversation API, Sinch enhances the overall value of this API platform, surpassing the capabilities of individual channel-specific APIs.

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Sinch powers meaningful conversations between businesses and their customers through its Customer Communications Cloud. More than 150,000 businesses – including many of the world’s largest tech companies – rely on Sinch and its global super network, which is the most secure and reliable network for messaging, voice and email. Sinch has been profitable and fast-growing since it was founded in 2008. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with shares traded at NASDAQ Stockholm: XSTO:SINCH. Learn more at

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