SoluGrowth Signature Recruitment Solutions: Revolutionising talent acquisition through culture-centric solutions

Johannesburg, 23 Aug 2023
SRS meets immediate and future talent needs.
SRS meets immediate and future talent needs.

SoluGrowth Signature Recruitment Solutions (SRS) positions itself as a distinguished recruitment agency that offers flexible talent acquisition solutions to both internal and external clients of SoluGrowth. As a pioneer of the "right place, right time, and right skills" model, SRS goes beyond conventional recruitment practices to source highly tailored candidates at all levels. Their commitment to understanding organisational culture, coupled with cutting-edge technology and certified expert recruiters, sets them apart as a leading talent acquisition partner.

SoluGrowth proudly announces its groundbreaking approach to talent acquisition that prioritises understanding organisational culture and vision. With the resourcing requirements on the rise and the demand for scarce skills increasing, SRS emerges as the ultimate solution to meet immediate and future talent needs, providing organisations with a distinct edge in identifying and attracting top talent.

Unlike any other conventional recruitment company, SRS embodies a unique journey in candidate sourcing, driven by the "right place, right time and right skills" model. Thorough research on clients' needs and company culture empowers SRS to source the most tailored candidates, from entry-level to executive leadership positions, whether for permanent or temporary roles. By partnering with SRS, clients can expect a personalised and efficient recruitment experience, fulfilling their exact recruitment needs.

The advantages of SRS as your talent acquisition partner:

  • Consultative approach: SRS enhances workforce planning and agility through market insights and talent analytics, ensuring strategic recruitment decisions.
  • Top talent – minimised cost: With a focus on attracting achievers and top professionals, SRS minimises hiring costs by reducing reliance on third-party agencies.
  • Talent pool: SRS boasts a vast network of prospective candidates, including niche and in-demand skillsets, expediting the sourcing of highly qualified talent. This provides you with a quick turnaround time when placing candidates.
  • Equity and inclusivity: At the core of SRS's approach lies a commitment to fostering a more equitable hiring strategy and promoting an inclusive culture within client organisations.
  • Technology and process: SRS invests in cutting-edge technology and refined processes, paving the way for a world-class talent management model.
  • Team growth: The SRS team actively pursues excellence through continuous professional development, gaining specialised expertise in sourcing, talent marketing, candidate management and onboarding.
  • Certified expert recruiters: Each of SRS's recruitment specialists is an expert in their domain, leveraging innovative sourcing strategies, AI-powered recruitment technologies and proven talent marketing and employer branding tactics.
  • Accreditations and registrations: SRS holds full membership in APSO (Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations), and all talent acquisition staff are APSO accredited. Additionally, the agency is registered with ESSA (Employment Services System of South Africa) and the Department of Employment and Labour.

SRS's contract models and key offerings:

  1. Permanent placement: Secure top talent through permanent contracts, aligning candidates with the long-term vision of your organisation.
  2. Contract/resource placement (FTC): Opt for fixed-term contracts to address project-specific needs, providing flexibility without compromising on talent.
  3. Short-term or project assignment/placement: Respond rapidly to short-term requirements with skilled candidates engaged on short contracts.
  4. Pre-employment checks: We offer a range of pre-employment checks at a competitive pricing.
Adéle Esterhuysen, Talent Acquisitions Lead of SRS.
Adéle Esterhuysen, Talent Acquisitions Lead of SRS.

"We, at SoluGrowth Signature Recruitment, are thrilled to revolutionise the recruitment landscape with our culture-centric approach," said Adéle Esterhuysen, Talent Acquisitions Lead of SRS. "By immersing ourselves in our clients' needs and vision, we aim to become the unparalleled talent acquisition partner for organisations seeking top professionals and a competitive edge in their industry."


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