Stats boost accident awareness site

By Damian Clarkson, ITWeb junior journalist
Johannesburg, 15 Jul 2004

The accident statistics on the Arrive Alive road safety Web site have been updated, and the site is receiving a significant amount of public response, says Free State-based site developer Johan Jonck.

"We are receiving about 5 000 hits per day, which is quite impressive, and we went past the million-hit mark this week. We have worked very hard to make the latest statistical information available on the site."

The update, which took place throughout the month, involved adding 80 new pages on accident statistics, with the main aim of increasing public awareness, says Jonck. "I believe people are making a big mistake if they are not using the Net to boost their driver awareness."

The new statistics on the site show that the December road accident and death toll is only marginally higher than in other months. They also show an increase in March road fatalities, rising from around 600 in 2002 up to nearly 1 000 this year - a similar level to that of December.

"December is statistically not that dangerous," adds Jonck. "You must take into account all the awareness campaigns, all the traffic police around, and the simple fact that the increased traffic forces people to drive slow. Per number of cars on the road in December, it has one of the lowest percentages of fatalities per year."

While the information on the site is provided by the Department of Transport, Jonck says the Web site is mainly driven by private interests.

"I thought that Arrive Alive was not being developed properly, and that there was a lot more that could be done. I have relied on assistance from companies like Volkswagen, Precision Safety Appliances and Clear Vision Optometrists. But I also wanted to work closely with the Department of Transport."

Jonck adds that a proposal on the government branding the entire site is "being considered".