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Strengthening IOT security: A unified approach to password management, cloud security

By Georgina van den Heever, Content Marketing Coordinator, ITR Technology.

Johannesburg, 19 Mar 2024
IOT networks are vulnerable to attacks.
IOT networks are vulnerable to attacks.

The proliferation of internet of things (IOT) devices has brought unparalleled convenience to our lives, but it has also opened up new avenues for cyber threats. As the attack surface expands, organisations need robust solutions to secure their IOT ecosystems. In this press release, we’ll delve into common IOT attacks and explore how the combined capabilities of ManageEngine Password Manager Pro and ManageEngine Log360 can provide a comprehensive defence against these threats. 

Understanding the IOT attack landscape

1. Device exploitation

Weak or default passwords on IOT devices make them susceptible to exploitation. Attackers often employ password attacks and brute force tactics to gain unauthorised access, highlighting the critical need for robust access controls.

2. Network attacks

IOT networks are vulnerable to various attacks, including man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks and denial of service (DOS) attacks. MITM attacks involve intercepting communications, while DOS attacks aim to disrupt services by overloading devices or networks.

3. Firmware exploitation

Malicious firmware updates pose a significant threat to IOT devices. Attackers may compromise devices by distributing fake firmware updates, compromising both functionality and security.

Strengthening IOT security with ManageEngine solutions

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

1. Ensuring strong passwords

Password Manager Pro plays a pivotal role in mitigating password-related vulnerabilities. It enforces the use of complex, unique passwords for each IOT device, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

2. Centralised password management

By centralising password management, Password Manager Pro streamlines the storage, retrieval and updating of credentials. This not only enhances security, but also improves the efficiency of managing IOT device access.

3. Monitoring password usage

Password Manager Pro goes beyond basic password management by actively monitoring password usage. This feature helps organisations detect and respond to any suspicious activities, ensuring a proactive stance against potential security threats.

ManageEngine Log360

1. Real-time monitoring

Log360 offers real-time monitoring of network traffic and system logs, enabling organisations to detect and respond swiftly to unusual activities. This capability is crucial for identifying potential security threats and unauthorised access.

2. Behavioural analytics

Through advanced behavioural analytics, Log360 analyses user and device behaviour to identify anomalies. Recognising patterns indicative of a potential IOT security breach enables organisations to take proactive measures.

3. Incident response

Log360 provides real-time alerts and notifications, empowering organisations to respond swiftly to security incidents. Detailed insights into the nature and extent of incidents facilitate effective incident response strategies.

Collaborative security for IOT environments

By leveraging the strengths of ManageEngine Password Manager Pro and Log360, organisations can establish a collaborative and comprehensive approach to IOT security. The password manager ensures the use of strong access credentials, while Log360’s log management and security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities offer continuous monitoring and rapid response.

As the IOT landscape continues to evolve, securing interconnected devices becomes a top priority. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro and Log360 provide a unified solution to fortify IOT ecosystems against myriad cyber threats. By adopting these tools, organisations can enhance their security posture, protect sensitive data and ensure the seamless operation of their IOT environments in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape.

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