Talking data, disruption at RSA Europe

Joanne Carew
By Joanne Carew, ITWeb Cape-based contributor.
Amsterdam, 29 Oct 2013

On its own, data is merely a collection of meaningless figures. But by understanding the context of this data, it can become so much more.

With 60 sessions, over 10 hours, the focus of this year's RSA Conference Europe, which got under way in Amsterdam today, is data and disruption. According to RSA, during the annual event, attendees can expect to hear insights about future security risks from industry experts.

Speakers at the event include Sebastian Coe, who is well known for his work on the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games; Mark Hughes, CEO of BT Security; RSA's executive chairman, Art Coviello; and Amit Yoran, senior VP at RSA.

Speaking earlier this year, Coviello noted that big data is transforming the security industry and society. These vast amounts of unstructured data, while providing opportunities for business, also foster new attack vectors for cyber criminals, he said.

Some of the eight keynote sessions will highlight how big data is transforming information security, as well as how it can become a tool to assist in the response to next-generation threats. With data growing at an alarming rate, enterprises need to know how best to protect this information, use it and share it with others, says RSA.

"This year's group of RSA Conference keynote speakers offers a unique mix of the future and the past," said Sandra Toms LaPedis, VP and GM of RSA Conferences.

"Their experience taught them to be mindful of the next threat, and as the industry matures, devices become inseparably connected and attackers evolve, an eye to the future will be crucial for securing the world."