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Think Tank, Ivanti webinar to address HR remote work challenges

By Tracy Burrows, ITWeb contributor.
Johannesburg, 05 Sept 2023

Remote and hybrid work have made digital employee experience (DEX) vital for keeping workers engaged and productive, and helping businesses be more competitive.

To unpack what DEX means, as well as the trends, challenges and solutions in remote work, Think Tank Software Solutions and Ivanti, in partnership with ITWeb, will present a webinar on Enabling Everywhere Work on 20 September.

Deon Van Der Walt, solutions engineer at Think Tank Software Solutions, will discuss the trends and challenges of the modern workplace, while Paul Bornhutter, enterprise service management expert and senior sales engineer at Ivanti, will present DEX customer use cases and success stories.

Noting that 'everywhere work' is the future, Ivanti’s 2023 Everywhere Work Report finds that workers’ attitudes, expectations and challenges have changed, yet a gap remains between how workers say they want to work and how they actually work. This is contributing to employee burnout, ‘quiet quitting’ and the ‘great resignation’, the report says. 

Jeff Abbott, CEO at Ivanti, noted: “Attracting and retaining the very best talent will always be an executive priority, but the organisations that embrace an 'everywhere work' mindset – and supporting tech stack – will have a sustainable competitive advantage.”

Think Tank Software Solutions and Ivanti will outline solutions and models for optimising DEX, and share best practices for effectively managing remote teams.

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