Webinar to deep dive into IBM for AI workloads

By Tracy Burrows, ITWeb contributor.
Johannesburg, 09 May 2024
Learn more about IBM
Learn more about IBM

A webinar to be hosted by IBM and BITanium this month will focus on the challenges of optimising analytics and AI, and the data warehousing solutions to these challenges.

The webinar, entitled: 'Unleashing data potential’, will offer an update on data trends and challenges by Ronny Kerkhofs, principal, IBM Geo Business Unit Executive, IBM EMEA for Data & AI; and a discussion on local perspectives on data trends featuring Vincent Gaorekwe, CTO at BITanium; Satish Babu, technical community leader at IBM South Africa; and Douglas Clarke, director – products and support at BITanium.

The event will also outline how IBM enables organisations to address challenges such as data accessibility and performance when developing AI and ML models. IBM delivers a centralised gateway that enables organisations to scale analytics and AI with all their data, wherever it resides, using innovative approaches to data retrieval and reducing data warehouse expenses.

Attendees will discover the generative AI expertise IBM Consulting’s watsonx practice offers to accelerate clients’ business transformations.

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