Why hosted PABX?

Cape Town, 15 Mar 2016

So you are in the market for a new PABX? The trick is to choose wisely for something that will suit your needs now and in the future. So before you brace yourself for the onslaught of PABX vendors and sales people, make sure you know what you want and educate yourself accordingly.

"Telecommunications has changed completely over the past 20 years and specifically in the past four years the Telecoms landscape has completely revamped itself" says Dominic Sardinha, owner of Abacus Telecomm.

"We have seen the advent of VOIP, IP PABX solutions and hosted PABX solutions", Dominic continues, "and this coupled with Internet speeds that are finally acceptable, has transformed the telecommunications industry. We no longer need an entire room with a plethora of cables connected to a mammoth telephone exchange. We now have PABX units that are slightly bigger than an iPad. Alternatively, you don't even need a PABX on site. You can simply have it in the cloud."

"Change is inevitable. Change is constant." Benjamin Disraeli

Abacus Telecomm has been providing telecommunication solutions to it clients for over 13 years now and offers both the on-site PABX unit and the hosted or cloud-based PABX. "If your Internet is unreliable", Dominic continues, "or if you only have a single branch, then an on-site PABX would suite your needs. If you have multiple branches or remote or satellite offices, then hosted is the only way to go. The alternative? Buy a dedicated PABX for each branch, which can get ludicrously expensive."

The advantages of having a hosted PABX are numerous: No CAPEX cost for the PABX unit; connect multiple branches together; have satellite or home offices; all calls between extensions are free; always on and connected as the PABX sits in a protected DATA center; get the full whistles and bells of state of the art telephone systems without having the same expense as is attached to that type of telephone system; 100% scalable - adjust the amount of extensions as you need.

"Nowadays even the smallest of companies can have the look and feel of a high-powered corporate,'' Dominic says, "Your client can contact the Cape Town branch and ask to speak to John who is in Durban, and you can just transfer them, making your organisation already seem more professional."

Abacus Telecomm offers full feature rich hosted PABX solutions for only R60 per month per extension which includes all the features of a state of the art PABX and includes voicemail and voice recording. In addition, Abacus Telecomm has positioned themselves very aggressively with regards to their VOIP rates.

Abacus Telecomm is an holistic telecommunications service provider offering all aspects of communications from VOIP, PABX and LCR to ADSL, Fiber, LTE and cellular. With over 30 years' combined experience, Abacus Telecomm knows and understands its clients' needs and tailors solutions to each of its clients' specific needs.

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