Legal View

Google CEO defends 'integrity' of products ahead of testimony

CEO Sundar Pichai said he led the company 'without political bias'.


Australian watchdog wants a regulator for Google, Facebook

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recommends a new regulatory body to check the dominance of Facebook and Google in the online advertising and news markets.


Huawei CFO seeks bail on high blood pressure concerns

Meng Wanzhou wants to be released on bail, citing her longstanding ties to Canada and fears for her health while incarcerated.


US Huawei probe includes bank fraud accusations

Huawei's CFO was reportedly arrested as part of a US investigation into an alleged scheme to use the global banking system to evade US sanctions against Iran.


Few Facebook user data requests in Africa

Facebook's Transparency Report shows few requests are made for user data in African countries, compared to requests from the US, India and European countries.


Huawei founder's daughter arrested on US request

The shock arrest deals a blow to hopes of an easing of Sino-US trade tensions and rocks global stock markets.


Stay updated at ITWeb Security Summit 2019

The summit will provide delegates with the latest updates on SA's Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill.

5 Dec

Fraudsters don't want us to get smarter systems

The unprecedented amount of data at our fingertips today enables the smart application of integrated, collaborative, intelligent fraud hunting systems.

4 Dec

MTN, Nigeria's central bank in settlement talks

A court case over an $8.1 billion dispute between MTN and Nigeria's central bank has been pushed out as the parties try agree on a settlement.

4 Dec

Vodacom, EFF resolve issues

The mobile operator and political party say they have met and resolved their issues after EFF members allegedly vandalised Vodacom stores over the weekend.


GRC isn't one-size-fits-all

Gary Hardy will be facilitating a workshop on 'Governance frameworks and implementation' at ITWeb's Governance, Risk and Compliance 2019 event.