7 hours ago

14 million Verizon customer records leaked

The records contained sensitive personal information, including numbers, names and account PINs.

Is machine learning hampering security?

10 hours ago

If machine learning is pure anomaly detection, it creates many false-positive alerts, making the security analyst's job more difficult, says SecBI.

Guidelines for mitigating third-party risk

10 hours ago

Potential third-party risks include regulatory and legal violations, reputation damage, information security breaches and financial volatility, says CURA.

SA users fear mobile app tracking

Eighty-three percent of Android apps have access to users' sensitive data, and 96% of Android apps can launch without consent, says Kaspersky Lab.

SA's response time to security breaches lags

There are a limited number of people in the country with the required skills to mitigate these risks, says Fortinet.

CISOs should report directly to the CEO

Companies whose boards do not take cyber security seriously run a higher risk of being hacked, says GlobalData.

Data breaches vs ransomware: what's the difference?

New-generation endpoint technology both hardens protection and enables full visibility of endpoint processes, says Panda Security.

Cyber security: no longer just 'an IT problem'

Cyber risk ultimately poses a threat to the balance sheet, but brand damage and a threat to confidence is what should be on every business leader's mind, says Goldphish.

Cyber resilience unpacked at Panda summit

Panda Security's inaugural Security Summit, #PASS2018, took place in Madrid recently.

Fileless, zero-footprint cyber attacks on the rise

20 Jun

Malware authors are adding coin mining features to their tools, even if the primary aim isn't coin mining, according to Morphisec Threat Report.

Liberty's IT infrastructure compromised

Jun 16, 2018

The investment group tells customers that an external party has gained unauthorised access to its systems and requested compensation.

Fortinet, Interpol sign threat information sharing agreement

They aim to combat cyber crime and threats to privacy globally through the sharing of threat information, says Fortinet.

Infographic: How to fight ransomware

Jun 14, 2018

Successful ransomware attacks exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems.