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Establishing a vulnerability management programme

The best approach to vulnerability management is risk-driven, and aligned with the overall security and business strategy, says MTN Cameroon.

Unsecured multi-functional devices put organisations at risk

MFDs are vulnerable to basic network attacks like any other device on the corporate network, says the CSIR.

Digital firms prevent 700m attacks in 2017

Cyber attacks continue to grow quarter-on-quarter and the attack volume has increased over 100% in two years, says ThreatMetrix.

Building a cyber-resilient organisation

Businesses need to take a proactive cyber resilience approach to ensure all areas of the business are covered, says IS Kenya.

MS Office vulnerabilities used to spread Zyklon malware


Zyklon has full backdoor capabilities, including keylogging, password harvesting and stealing confidential data, says FireEye.

Cyber security top of mind for WEF elite

The World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report for 2018 ranks cyber attacks, a deteriorating geopolitical landscape and environmental risks among the top worries for the coming year.

Skygofree steals messages, eavesdrops on conversations


The spyware contains functionality not seen in the wild before, including location-based audio recording through infected devices, says Kaspersky Lab.

SA at higher risk of phishing scams: report


The number of local organisations dealing with regular security incidents originating from deceptive e-mails is on the rise, says a PhishMe report.

Crypto-currency miners found in pirated software

Although mining software is not considered strictly malicious, it degrades the device's system performance, says Kaspersky Lab.

Half a million users affected by malicious Chrome extensions

While extensions can improve the user's overall experience, they also put them at risk, says ICEBRG.

Watchdog fines Carphone Warehouse £400 000

The ICO found that Carphone Warehouse had failed to take adequate steps to protect personal information.


Black Friday had specials on malware for beginners. You can't make this stuff up!

Increased attacks on industrial organisations forecast in 2018

The year 2017 was one of the most intensive in terms of incidents affecting the information security of industrial organisations, says Kaspersky Lab.