Fastly's Platform TLS enables secure browsing at scale

The solution helps brands get to HTTPS quickly.


Mobile banking Trojan Asacub hits 40 000 per day

Asacub has held the leading position among mobile banking Trojans for the past year, says Kaspersky Lab.


Kaspersky debuts $10 000 cyber security contest

Students and young professionals are invited to join Secur'IT CUP and help solve complex cyber security issues.


Outsmarting e-mail hackers using AI, machine learning

Trend Micro's machine learning algorithms examine large volumes of data and predict if unknown file types are malicious or not.

12 Sep

Kronos comes back from the dead

The Trojan's mechanisms have been refactored to use the Tor network as a means to anonymise itself, says Securonix.


Industrial automation systems at risk from cyber threats

The ability to connect IT and operational systems comes with considerable risk, says AVeS Cyber Security.


LuckyMouse uses legitimate certificate to sign malware

The malware enables the criminals to execute all common tasks, as well as intercept network traffic, says Kaspersky Lab.


Attacks on industrial control systems increase

Most threats come via the Internet, which has become the main source of infection for industrial control system computers, says Kaspersky Lab.


Panda Security debuts Panda Dome

The platform is able to detect attacks before they occur, by employing big data and artificial intelligence, says Panda Security.

3 Sep

Rise in multifunctional botnets

Botnet ownership is expensive, and to make a profit, criminals must be able to use each and every opportunity to get money out of malware, says Kaspersky Lab.

27 Aug

Breach exposes T-Mobile customer data

No financial data, such as credit card information or social security numbers, was compromised but over 2.3 million customers were affected, says T-Mobile.