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Attackers target pharmaceutical companies

PlugX RAT allows cyber criminals to perform various malicious operations on a system without the user's authorisation, says Kaspersky Lab.

Crypto-currency miners increasingly target mobile devices


Don't download from untrusted third-party marketplaces, and keep devices updated, says OpenVPN,

Billions of data breaches in 2017: report


About 2.5 billion records were stolen, lost or exposed worldwide in 2017, an 88% increase from 2016, says Gelmato.

Operation Parliament targets MENA region with cyberespionage malware

Operation Parliament represents a new geopolitically motivated attacker that is both extremely active and highly skilled, says Kaspersky Lab.

Local firms admit to inadequate data protection

Over a quarter of local organisations have only a partially defined data protection strategy in place, the recent ITWeb Data Protection Survey has found.

Insiders behind 25% of breaches

11 Apr

Healthcare fared the worst, with 35% of incidents being the result of human error and 24% of employee misuse, says Verizon.

Mobile phishing on the rise

11 Apr

Organisations that ignore mobile phishing do so at their peril, says Lookout.

EMEA organisations take 175 days to detect an attack

9 Apr

Over half of businesses who fell victim to an attack were successfully attacked again within a year, says Mandiant.

Concern over cyber incidents tops risk barometer

These occurrences, which include cyber crime, IT failure and data breaches, are a major concern for businesses, says global report.

Miners target popular football and VPN applications

Football-related applications are the most popular applications in which to conceal mining capabilities, says Kaspersky Lab.

Watering hole computer attack strategies resurface

In these attacks, hackers plant malware on Web sites their intended victims are likely to visit, says Morphisec Labs.

RiskIQ, Flashpoint debut dark Web monitoring

Dark Web monitoring can be a highly effective tool for uncovering cyber-criminal methods and tactics, says RiskIQ.

Entry barrier for cyber crime is 'shockingly low'

Certain sellers include customer support for their tools, offering updates and troubleshooting for an additional fee, says Armor.