Crypto-currencies and blockchain

SonicWall: Record 304.7m ransomware attacks eclipse 2020 global total in just six months

SonicWall’s patented RTDMI is finding more never-before-seen malware than ever, posting a 54% year-to-date increase over the first half of 2020.

26 Jul

Is it worth it to mine Bitcoins in 2021?

Taking a closer look at Bitcoin mining, which is often referred to as a 'free way to earn Bitcoins', and examining whether that is true.


Invictus Capital wants SA graduates for blockchain expansion

The global fintech firm seeks to employ South African graduates, as it moves into blockchain and crypto-currency technologies.


Secrets to becoming a Bitcoin trading pro

Being a Bitcoin trading pro means you are exposed to the right information and knowledge of trading Bitcoin.

20 Jul

Why crypto-currency is a better offshore investment than fiat currencies

By buying USD-backed stablecoins, an investor can earn steady gains through decentralised finance services while still hedging against the falling rand, says Ovex.

16 Jul

Bitcoin, crypto-currency emerge as welcome solutions for investors

On 13 July, the major banks’ shares dropped an average of 5% as a result of the country’s current unrest.


Crypto-currency governance concerns

Ethereum and Bitcoin seem to be making efforts to put governance systems in place for decentralised representation.

14 Jul

TikTok bans promotion of crypto, forex trading products

The video-sharing social media network prohibits promotion of crypto-currency and forex trading products, as part of a list of newly-banned content.


How to achieve consistent arbitrage returns in crypto-currency

Arbitrage funds based on volatile assets are not always the best investment.


Enhancement of supply chain management with VeChain

The need for the integration of a system that functionally enhances the chain in crypto-currency can not be over-emphasised.


Why you should invest in crypto-currency

One of the challenges with crypto-currencies is that they are speculative and volatile, which may hinder their acceptance in mainstream markets.


Volatility sees crypto dealers venture into online forex trading

While cryptos provided the volatility and excitement craved by traders before the pandemic, they appeared far too risky during current uncertainty, says Infinox.