Crypto-currencies and blockchain

Blockchain start-up offers free digital currency courses

Tari Labs University provides digital currency courses in cryptography, off-chain scaling and computer science, to upskill developers and blockchain enthusiasts.


Strong anti-money laundering laws hamper crypto-currency crime

Crypto-currency exchanges in countries with weak AML regulation receive nearly 5% of their payments directly from criminal sources, says CipherTrace.


Blockchain-based solar start-up gets R7.2m

Sun Exchange receives a $500 000 seed investment from Alphabit, a multimillion-dollar hedge fund.


Crypto-currency theft nears $1bn in first nine months

Theft of crypto-currencies soared to $927 million in the first nine months of the year, up nearly 250% from the level seen in 2017, says CipherTrace.


Dangerous new trend in open source vulnerability

Hackers are injecting vulnerabilities directly into open source components, a new Sonatype report warns.

3 Oct

SA fintech launches Bitcoin Cash app

The app allows users to send Bitcoin Cash to their mobile contacts or make purchases from merchants across the globe.

26 Sep

Crypto-mining USB infections on the rise

Most USB devices can be converted to provide hidden storage compartments that could be used for the removal of stolen data, says Kaspersky Lab.


African crypto-currency to go live in December

South African telcos and retailers prepare their financial ecosystems for the arrival of the new digital currency.

25 Sep

Blockchain, Alice and The Matrix

Do you want to educate yourself on Bitcoin and crypto-currencies for you to make informed decisions?

20 Sep

80% of blockchain use cases will die

The real business benefits of blockchain are hard to prove, as many embark on "pointless proof-of-concepts", says a Gartner analyst.


Blockchain, AI, 3D printing reduce renewables prices

New technologies are accelerating the deployment of renewable energy, according to Deloitte.