VMware Cloud Provider Platform introduced

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VMware has launched the VMware Cloud Provider Platform, in a move it hopes will address the strategic business imperatives of cloud providers globally.

At VMware in Barcelona this week, the company said VMware Cloud Providers represent over

4 000 partners building services using VMware Cloud Infrastructure technologies, that operate in more than 110 countries.

The platform gives customers the flexibility to choose a cloud provider based on their specific needs. "Customers can select from a variety of offerings with the optimal set of services and expertise while also managing costs and selecting services that operate in required geographic locations."

In addition, through the use of VMware Cloud Infrastructure technologies, VMware Cloud Providers preserve a common operating environment, promoting more seamless portability of apps and interoperability between multiple clouds without impacting visibility, operations, automation, security and governance.

Ajay Patel, senior vice president and general manager, cloud provider software business unit, VMware, says: "VMware helps cloud providers monetise VMware-based clouds."

He says the platform gives customers choice of compatible VMware clouds, built on a common but extensible platform, adding that here are several benefits to the platform, most notably driving differentiation, efficiency and revenue.

"VMware Cloud Provider Platform allows VMware cloud providers to increase operational efficiency, monetise new services faster, and compete more effectively," he says.

The platform offers flexible tenancy and self-service options at scale across multi-tenant and single-tenant cloud-hosted environments, and combines a core set of VMware's cloud infrastructure, with cloud provider management and operations software.

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