How COVID-19 accelerated DevOps

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In the 'new normal' resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, efficiency and agility within software development teams has become more crucial than ever. 

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The ability to adapt could mean staying in business or closing doors permanently for many organisations. And the pace isn’t slowing down any time soon. Innovation cycles and demands continue to accelerate, putting development teams under more pressure than ever to build and deploy applications and updates at a rapid speed.

Although remote work has been a DevOps principle way before COVID-19, many companies practicing DevOps did not have to work remotely," says Freddy Mahhumane, head of DevOps at the Absa Group. "COVID-19 has certainly challenged this core principle by forcing DevOps practitioners to work remotely 24/7.”

Mahhumane will be presenting on ‘ 'How COVID-19 accelerated DevOps: What does the future hold?’, at the ITWeb Cloud, Data Centre & DevOps Summit, to be held on 24 February as a virtual event.

Speaking of how he sees DevOps evolving post-pandemic, Mahhumane says there is  definitely a need to rethink some of the DevOps principles in order to adjust to remote working, such as security, continuous learning and hiring. “DevOps must evolve to site reliability engineering which will be a more focused approach to deliver practical solutions.”

During his presentation, Mahhumane will discuss how to rethink the DevOps strategy, and will delve into why home security must be the focus for DevOps practitioners and the leadership. Finally, he will discuss how to stay connected with the DevOps team.

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