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IT Security Forum

In your information security function, you need to know how to influence decision-makers in the organisation to ensure you get the support from the board in order to implement the required security initiatives. The purpose of this event, scheduled for 28 August, is to create a bit of a 'shake-up' in the industry; challenging you to look in the mirror and understand how you can be the change you need to see in your department. For more information, click here.

Performanta plans to shake up the IT security sector with a new type of forum that answers the tough questions faced by local IT security professionals.

The Performanta IT Security Forum, hosted in partnership with ITWeb, will give local IT security professionals the chance to ask the difficult questions, vote on the biggest issues they face, and cross-question industry leaders about how they overcame the challenges facing everyone in the sector.

Performanta CEO Guy Golan says the Forum - a pilot for a series of similar events - is designed to revolutionise the way information is shared at events in SA.

“IT security professionals need real answers to the real questions,” he says. “Once they have received the high-level overview at events like the ITWeb Security Summit, they need practical advice on how to implement it all.”

Golan says the Forum, covering practical tools to combat issues such as information security strategy, data leakage, endpoint management and mobile security risks, will see delegates walking away with knowledge they can implement immediately.

He points out that the Forum is an exclusive event, with attendees selected based on their experience and thought leadership capabilities. “We expect delegates to give their own input based on an anonymous voting system and to interact in such a way that everyone walks away with new levels of understanding on how to tackle the challenges they face,” Golan says.

Aside from the ongoing challenge of countering increased sophistication in terms of malware and IT security attacks, local CIOs also have the challenge of securing management buy-in to their IT security projects, says Golan. “Now, they will have the chance to ask a panel of industry leaders exactly how they got around these problems,” he says.

“Top-level IT security professionals have a good idea of the steps they need to take to improve their enterprise IT security. We are aiming to give them the tools they need to make it happen,” he says.

The Forum will cover both the technical tools needed and ways to navigate corporate politics and get management buy-in. For more information on the event, which takes place on 28 August, click here.

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