Discovery HealthID now on Samsung

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The Discovery HealthID mobile app is now available on Samsung Galaxy devices.

The app provides a convenient way for doctors to access Discovery Health members' electronic health records and easily assist patients on the Discovery Health medical scheme - as well as members of schemes administered by Discovery Health - during consultations.

According to Discovery, HealthID is a free application that allows doctors to offer a more complete and informed consultation service. The app has been on trial since May 2012.

HealthID gives doctors access to patients' medical history, provides insight into the benefits of their medical scheme plans, and gives them the ability to make referrals to other doctors online. In addition, doctors can review previous blood test results, write electronic prescriptions, and complete chronic illness benefit applications.

"To date, we have seen more than 2 500 doctors using HealthID and we are pleased to partner with Samsung to bring HealthID to Samsung devices," says Discovery Health COO, Dr Ryan Noach.

"Samsung is committed to offer products and services that enable a more convenient and connected lifestyle that has innovation at its core. Through this application, real-time access to health portfolio information is readily available to Discovery Health members and doctors," says Paulo Ferreira, head of enterprise mobility at Samsung SA.

"This accelerates decision-making and provides access to supporting data to assist with a more informed diagnosis."

Privacy forms an integral part of the HealthID application, says Discovery. As such, a patient has to give written consent to each doctor individually before they are able to access their records.

"Samsung is passionate about creating extended opportunities for productivity and efficiency through the development of locally relevant applications. This platform empowers doctors with a health-focused app that gives them access to patient policy information and insight into patients' medical history for more accurate analysis, bringing together technology and healthcare," concludes Ferreira.

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