Demystifying going digital

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Lee Naik, MD of Accenture Digital, will speak at the ITWeb Digital Economy Summit in October on what it means to go digital.
Lee Naik, MD of Accenture Digital, will speak at the ITWeb Digital Economy Summit in October on what it means to go digital.

"Every company that wants to remain relevant needs to go digital." This is the gospel currently being preached. Digitalisation seems to be the way to go. Every company has to have a digital strategy. But what does going digital mean exactly?

ITWeb's Digital Economy Summit 2016 (endorsed by the CIO Council of South Africa) is aimed at demystifying digital, making it simple and practical. The event is targeted at those who have the vision and mandate to make their organisation's digital strategy a reality.

It will look at who drives the digital strategy of the organisation: the chief information officer, chief marketing officer or chief digital officer? Lee Naik, MD of Accenture Digital, will do the opening address, setting the scene by attempting to answer: "What does it mean when your CEO says let's go digital?" He will give a step-by-step approach on how organisation can make their digital strategy a reality that can be measured with desired effects.

Brett StClair, formerly with Google and now with Barclays Africa as the head of digital products, will talk about its journey to digitisation, giving a perspective of how a financial company can become digital. Enzo Scarcella, the chief marketing officer at Telkom, will talk about its journey as a public sector entity. Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, represented by Timothy Willis, business intelligence team lead, will tell delegates how it is keeping ahead of the game in the services sector.

"As we enter the digital business era, organisations are being disrupted across all industries through the immense power of digital technology. Digital is fundamentally changing the game for many organisations and it has become a question of when, rather than if, your business will be disrupted - either by competitors or through your own efforts," said Naeem Seedat, who is digital government lead at Accenture.

Seedat will be facilitating the workshop on 12 October. "The workshop is aimed at unpacking the enigma of digital, the trends that are fundamentally disrupting businesses, and importantly, how to get started using and responding to technological change in a practical way," he concluded.

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