Mobile Security Alliance expanded

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VMware had expanded its Mobile Security Alliance (MSA) - an ecosystem of security vendors who provide advanced security solutions that integrate with the VMware Workspace ONE digital workspace platform, to provide a connected approach to securing all aspects of the digital workspace.

The Workspace ONE platform offers application programming interfaces for the security ecosystem to integrate with the platform. This, combined with security solutions from MSA members and Workspace ONE, allows clients to benefit from a modern security platform that protects against targeted threats across devices, users, apps, and data - in the cloud and on-premises.

The MSA was established by VMware in 2015 to bridge the gaps between current legacy security tools and offer a platform for securing all mobile endpoints across an enterprise. The alliance originally had 10 security partners across four categories: endpoint, application, cloud, and network security.

"As the number of security attacks increases, so does the breadth of the MSA ecosystem," said VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

The company had added Bay Dynamics, CipherCloud, Entrust Datacard Corporation, Gurucul, Intercede, and Kaymera to the alliance, bringing the total number of partners to 23 across six categories, now including authentication and analytics.

He said that security attack vectors are expanding as the number of endpoint platforms, apps, and user types steadily increase.

Gelsinger says organisations need to adopt a new approach that is powered by a secure infrastructure, and one that includes a deeply integrated ecosystem to bring the existing security silos together to provide visibility across all users, apps, and devices.

According to VMware, Workspace ONE is a platform with application and device security essentials natively built-in, and a solution that bridges third-party security technologies.

The benefits to customers include road ecosystem interoperability and the ability to build on top of existing security investments. Gelsinger says the solution addresses data security gaps as it features security and data protection capabilities that provide policy creation and enforcement of role-based access to data, apply identity verification and management, and enable device or end-user data deletion.

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