Attracting developers to Sun

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Sun Microsystems has partnered with Apple and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to launch two initiatives aimed at extending the reach of its developer programmes.

The Apple developer promotion offers Sun Java Studio Creator for Mac OS X, a one year Sun Developer Network Standard membership, and Sun`s NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE) for the Mac OS X environment to developers who purchase an Apple 15- or 17-inch PowerBook G4 laptop or PowerMac G5 system.

The AMD developer promotion offers a free Sun AMD Opteron processor-based workstation to new Sun Developer Network members who purchase a three-year Sun Java Studio Enterprise software subscription.

Sean O`Hare, Java systems engineer at Sun Microsystems SA, says the initiatives "will help keep developers on the cutting edge of Java technology".

O`Hare says Sun Developer Network Standard and Sun Developer Network Professional are two new membership levels that offer developers access to a rich array of tools, products and programs.

"In addition, developers signing up for either one of these levels receive a free copy of Java Studio Creator, the first pure Java visual development tool," adds O`Hare.

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