Companies offer marketing masterclasses on new technologies

The courses aim to deliver new technological techniques to local marketers.
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The courses aim to deliver new technological techniques to local marketers.

Boo-Yah!, an African marketing services company, recently partnered with The Connected Marketer, a digital marketing advisory services company from the UK to offer masterclasses in SA.

Facilitated by world-renowned expert in mobile marketing and The Connected Marketer founder Paul Berney and Carmen Murray, the brainchild behind Boo-Yah!, the courses aim to deliver new technological techniques in a non-geek way to local marketers.

Designed for the African market, in a world where people suffer from technophobia, the companies say each of the courses are meant to help participants gain relevant skills in strategy and new technologies, challenging new ways of thinking and of doing things as modern marketers.

Berney explains the course is less about teaching how technology works and more about teaching how it is used.

"Often technology solution providers find it hard to explain to marketers how their product or service can be used. They can explain it to people in IT, but often marketers don't have the skills, experience or language to understand how to get the best out of any solution. This course teaches marketers how to think about using technology within the context of building brands.

"Understanding technology is now essential to marketers. We are moving to an age when marketers will spend more on technology than IT professionals. They need help to understand that technology," he adds.

Boo-Yah! says it has trained thousands of marketing professionals around the world and hundreds of global organisations which include Adidas, P&G, Unilever, and Coca-Cola to name a few.

Through the courses the two companies say they created masterclasses that allow marketers to know how new technologies work, in terms that they understand. The digital masterclasses range from various offerings which include The Role of AI in Marketing - explaining all the key terms and concepts involved in AI including managing the technology stack, to The Connected Marketer - a new approach to merge and synchronise digital and physical marketing efforts, Programmatic Marketing - lead development projects with another perspective and opportunities to raise awareness.

Murray, who has been giving masterclasses to thousands of marketers globally, says the local launch was inspired by the lack of understanding of technology among marketers.

"I think the lack of understanding of technology has to do with the fact that everyone is so busy and there is no time to put an effort into skills and knowledge that helps them thrive. Marketers can't keep up with all the change, yet they have to remain relevant. With The Connected Marketer, this was the solution to the problem. We do all the learning, and create a shortcut for marketers to stay ahead of the game," she explains.

Berney points out that the adoption of mobile marketing continues at a high pace. As do other forms of engaging with customers through digital channels.

"We are also seeing higher adoption of marketing automation platforms that help marketers manage all forms of communication, e-mail, social, customer database, and Web sites with chabots, which is expected to be a big one for marketers," he concludes.

Sibahle Malinga
ITWeb's portals journalist.

Sibahle Malinga, ITWeb's portals journalist.

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