Webinar: All you need to know about customer data platform technology

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A 360-degree view of the customer has long been the desired goal. However, with traditional CRM, this has been far easier said than done. 

Siloed and disjointed data presents challenges when it comes to delivering proactive, personalised service. Without the proper tool in place, organisations can’t hope to anticipate what their customers want

On the other hand, with customer data platform (CDP) technology, it has become child’s play to unify even big data for AI-powered insights and a true 360-degree understanding of the customer. CDP makes the transition from data to value straightforward and simple for executives who have yet to use their data strategically.

To shine the spotlight on CDP and its benefits, the CRM Team, in partnership with ITWeb, is hosting a webinar on 15 March, called “A path to a unified customer experience”.

 Wynand Roos, MD of The CRM Team, will discuss the challenges with CRM in SA, and the features and benefits of a customer data platform.

His sessions will unpack how to unify data and use it to achieve real-time insights so the business can deliver personalised, meaningful engagements to its customers and optimise the customer journey.

Attendees will be shown multiple use cases for CDP technology, and gain an understanding of how it differs from CRM. They will learn how to use data assets effectively in promoting initiatives, anticipating outcomes and forming long-term partnerships.

For more information, and to register, click here.

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