Project Maestro relieves multi-cloud complexity for telcos

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Pat Gelsinger
Pat Gelsinger

VMware has debuted Project Maestro, a telco cloud orchestrator that is specifically built to help communications service providers (CSPs) quicken time to market for new functions and services across private and public cloud, from the core to edge.

During his keynote address at VMworld 2019 Europe in Barcelona this morning, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger said as the telco industry transitions to 5G and edge computing, CSPs are preparing their infrastructure to have the ability to deliver next generation apps and services to consumers and businesses with agility and scalability.

To do this, telcos require a cloud architecture that unities their network and IT environments and connects them to private enterprise clouds, edge clouds, and public clouds, he added.

A new approach to orchestration was needed, one that is cloud-first and reduces multi-cloud complexity. “This is precisely what we are aiming to achieve with Project Maestro.”

Project Maestro will offer a unified approach to modeling, onboarding, orchestrating, and managing virtual network functions and services. The solution will enable CSPs to build and automate network services that span across a wider variety of network function formats, enabling interoperability and optimising operations across each layer of the NFV (network functions virtualisation) and telco cloud architecture.

It will deliver operational efficiency at scale to help CSPs mitigate the cost of managing ever more complex networks, and enhance customer experiences.

Currently in technology preview, Project Maestro will help quicken service time-to-revenue with a simplified vendor-neutral and standard-compliant approach for designing and onboarding virtual network functions and cloud-native network functions or network services.

In addition, it will automate operations with multi-cloud agility, and operationalise processes with total lifecycle management automation capabilities. CSPs will be able to define and apply policies using a decision engine to automate day zero through more complex day two operations.

Thirdly, Project Maestro will help telcos boost customer experience, by enabling them to deliver more adaptable and resilient services. The solution brings real-time decisioning capabilities and telco cloud awareness together to enable optimal close-loop actions that help deliver improved service quality.

In addition, Project Maestro will automate the distribution of network functions and service workloads across data centres and availability zones for improved service quality and resiliency. 

It will also evolve network architectures from OpenStack infrastructure to container-based applications with seamless on-boarding and orchestration of virtual machines and container-based infrastructure for a future-proof service delivery foundation.

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