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MS threatens customers about Linux patents

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MS threatens customers about Linux patents

In a podcast hosted on Network World, Jeremy Allison claims large IT customers have been threatened by Microsoft and forced to pay patent licences on the Linux code they use.

"The problem with the Novell deal is that Novell gave Microsoft something it dearly wanted: a public admission that they think Linux violates Microsoft patents." Allison said he had no objections to other parts of the Novell-Microsoft deal, but the covenant not to sue "killed it for me".

He also found the claims about interoperability extremely unlikely. "People who think that Microsoft will give the information that is needed to Novell just because of this deal are delusional. Microsoft has been fighting the EU tooth and nail to not give this information away to free software projects."

Indian state to require open source

The Indian state of Kerala will adopt open source software in its e-governance projects, reports The Hindu. The draft IT policy aims to make the state a "cradle of knowledge".

"The policy stresses that free and open source software (Foss) will be used in e-governance projects," says the Hindu.

"Open standards such as Unicode and Open Document Format and Open Architecture will be followed in e-governance projects to avoid total dependence on select vendors. The government proposed to develop the state as the Foss destination in the country. It will provide special incentives to companies developing Foss."

Ubuntu Studio aims at multimedia pros

Planning has started on a multimedia-specific version of Ubuntu based on the next major release - Feisty Fawn - called Ubuntu Studio. The goal is to build a solid multimedia editing distribution based on Ubuntu-Gnome.

"Ubuntu Studio aims to be a multimedia editing flavour of Ubuntu for the Linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast or professional who is already familiar with the Ubuntu-Gnome environment," says the wiki. "Ubuntu Studio is currently in planning."

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