AIGS partners with POC on BI solutions

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Organisations globally are turning to BI to achieve accurate reporting and analysis to make better business decisions.
Organisations globally are turning to BI to achieve accurate reporting and analysis to make better business decisions.

Distributor of Yellowfin business intelligence (BI) software, AIGS Insights, has finalised a partnership agreement with data analytics company, POC Technologies.

As part of the agreement, AIGS Insights and POC Technologies will embed Yellowfin's BI software into POC'S BI and data management solutions, targeted at local organisations in the retail, insurance and health sectors.

Yellowfin is an Australian-headquartered BI analytics, dashboard and reporting software vendor that develops a suite of products used to analyse and report on data held in common business tools, including spreadsheets, Web APIs and databases.

Centurion-based POC Technologies provides analytics, consulting and business intelligence to the health, insurance and retail industries.

The combined solution will be integrated into the source code of organisations' enterprise industry applications, and transform business data into valuable insights.

Gustav Piater, sales and marketing director at AIGS Insights, says Yellowfin's South African customers tend to favour BI that comes embedded into their core industry applications, while organisations in more mature markets tend to prefer integrating Yellowfin's standalone BI platform into their enterprise application environment.

"Yellowfin's software allows our local partners to capitalise on the value of not having to build their own BI module and effortlessly create a new revenue stream through the analytic capability," explains Piater.

"Their end-customers, particularly in developing economies, prefer having advanced analytical capabilities without the monetary or time investment of a full-scale BI implementation. So, it adds tremendous value to our partners, their customers and the industries they operate in."

AIGS Insights was originally part of the overall AIGS business that secured the Yellowfin BI distributorship for Sub-Saharan Africa in 2013.

The increasing market demand and steady growth of Yellowfin software, according to the company, led to the creation of a separate company, AIGS Insights, focused solely on taking the local Yellowfin BI community to the next level.

Yellowfin software is used by over 25 000 organisations in 75 countries, according to AIGS Insights.

Organisations globally are increasingly turning to BI to address the challenges of business decisions posed by vast amounts of data.

Research firm Market Research Future predicts the global BI market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.03%, reaching $34.3 billion by 2022, up from $16.3 billion in 2016.

A reliable business intelligence solution is an absolute must for any company wanting to track operational efficiencies, retain customers and build new revenue, say experts.

"With the arrival of automated insights, the interpretation of reports can be enhanced. Using artificial intelligence and natural language outputs of the data completely remodels the way companies consume, share and interact with data," notes AIGS Insights.

Don Elliott, business consultant at POC, explains: "It's early days yet, as we're just beginning the migration of our products to Yellowfin. We envisage easier deployment of our products with their help, shortening customers' implementation time and speeding up return on investment.

"For the reseller market, Yellowfin's tiered pricing for scaled deployments is a feature of their professional and enterprise licensing models. It supports unlimited cores, allowing the client capacity to grow to meet their BI needs," concludes Elliot.

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