MMC introduces compliance-as-a-service

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Protecting customer data and preventing breaches is a challenge for businesses of every size, and in every industry. This is even more true in a time of increasingly stringent data protection regulations, as those who fall foul of the regulators have massive fines levied against them, and suffer significant reputational damage and loss of customer confidence.

Compounding the issue, in today’s data-driven economy adhering to data compliance is more complex than ever before. There is more infrastructure to protect, more regulatory standards to abide by, and an increasing number of data security governance requirements that must be met.

So says Adam Whittington, MD of MMC, an IT managed service provider, adding that protecting data is key to maintaining trust and meeting the slew of external and internal compliance requirements businesses have today.

The introduction of exacting international and local data regulations, such as the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in South Africa, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU, has shone the spotlight on the need for businesses to protect their customers’ personal information, and their employee data, Whittington says. 

With this in mind, MMC has debuted ‘TotalCompliance’, a compliance-as-a-service tool that aims to help organisations manage their data in terms of POPIA, as well as internal IT and security governance.

TotalCompliance is aimed at mid-size organisations who can’t afford large, dedicated compliance and security teams, to bridge the gap between technology and compliance officers. “We offer a point in time assessment to ascertain how an organisation manages their data, as well as assist customers in setting up data management policies, and incident monitoring and response − all as a managed service.”

According to Whittington, the new service is generating a great deal of interest. “MCC is a Microsoft Gold Partner and will continue to leverage on businesses’ current investments in Microsoft technology. This is a cost-effective value proposition as no additional investment in other vendor solutions is needed.”

With TotalCompliance, MMC is making it easy for clients to continuously maintain compliance, to protect their data assets more effectively. “This is particularly critical in light of the global pandemic which sent hundreds of thousands of people to work from home, practically overnight.

"Our TotalCompliance solution, defines, manages and optimises all of a business’s compliance processes, and protects information wherever it goes, which is critical to ensuring trust and meeting compliance requirements.”

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