Several innovations for VMware Cloud announced

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VMware Cloud enables customers to modernise apps with better economics and less risk, the company says.

VMware has introduced new features for VMware Cloud, that it says is the industry only multi-cloud computing infrastructure that allows customers to move their enterprise apps to the cloud in nearly half the time and less than half the cost.

Announced at VMworld this week, these innovations include a new portfolio of managed Kubernetes services to modernise apps on VMware Cloud, capabilities that will make it simpler and safer to run enterprise apps in VMware Cloud, and an initiative supporting the need for customers to run their business in sovereign clouds.

The enhancements aim to give VMware Cloud users the tools they need to accelerate the modernisation of their enterprise apps, increase business agility and resiliency, and significantly lower costs compared to current approaches.

“Today’s organsiations are driven by the need to speed up and digitise, and are adopting multi-cloud as the model to help them achieve rapid transformation,” says Mark Lohmeyer, senior VP and GM, Cloud Infrastructure Business Group, VMware.

According to him, VMware helps to eliminate the false choice between business innovation and IT control. “Our latest innovations help customers modernise apps, infrastructure, and operations with better economics and less risk, and boost developer productivity. And with Project Arctic, the next evolution of VMware vSphere, we will unleash the hybrid cloud for every enterprise.”

Project Arctic is a new tech preview, and the next evolution of vSphere, the company's cloud computing virtualisation platform, that VMware says will enable hybrid cloud across enterprise environments worldwide.

VMware Cloud with Tanzu is a new portfolio of managed Kubernetes services that will be available at no additional charge as part of VMware Cloud on AWS. Tanzu services will make app modernisation with Kubernetes faster, easier, and less expensive on VMware Cloud than alternative managed Kubernetes solutions, the comany says.

IT admins will be able to use the VMware vCenter interface to unify VM and container management on a common platform and provision Kubernetes clusters within minutes. Platform operators or SREs will be able to manage Kubernetes clusters consistently across clouds using Tanzu services as a multi-cloud Kubernetes management plane.

VMware Cloud makes running enterprise vSphere apps in any cloud environment easier and more secure, the company noted, citing research which revealed that VMware Cloud customers can achieve 300% faster Kubernetes deployment, 46% faster cloud migration, and 57% reduction in TCO.

It also gives customers the flexibility to move to the cloud on their timelines and run vSphere workloads on the cloud of their choice. VMware says its cloud patform runs as a native service in more than 100 regions spanning all public clouds, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, as well as over 4 000 partner clouds, in private data centers, and at the edge.

With VMware Cloud Universal, customers can purchase and consume VMware Cloud from VMware or reseller partners, while benefitting from the economic value of existing VMware perpetual licences.

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10 Aug
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