How to ensure ROI with chatbots

One must not only rely on companies offering innovative technology, but also understand the business processes of companies and contact centres.

Johannesburg, 27 Jun 2019
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The contact centre must follow the latest technological trends to meet customer expectations, offer a unique experience and generate engagement with the brand. Companies have to be able to offer a service through their customer’s preferred channel, at any time and in any place. These demands are a great opportunity for companies, thanks to contact centre chatbots.

The reality is that most of the existent chatbot solutions in the market are inefficient and haven’t been designed to optimise the customer journey. Many of the interactions are not natural, nor are they omnichannel, and self-service flows are poor. Therefore, companies that have invested in these customer service technologies are not getting the desired ROI, resulting in these opportunities being converted into inefficiencies.

To make the most out of these solutions, it is necessary not only to rely on companies that offer innovative technology, but to also have the knowledge to understand the business processes of companies and contact centres.

In this article, we explain how to offer natural and efficient self-service, optimise the customer journey with omnichannel interactions and improve customer satisfaction rates to increase ROI and improve customer experience.

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